Sunday, October 2, 2011

New Jersey Bridal Shower

My Mom and Grandma hosted a wonderful bridal shower for me in New Jersey back in September, where I was raised. (I just moved to the Maryland area about two years ago.) Here are some pictures from the shower!

 My Grandmother lives in a pretty swanky retirement home and she reserved a room for us. They even made me a cake in our wedding colors! It was chocolate and vanilla with a fruit filling of strawberries and bananas.

My Mom had a banner custom made with a photo from our proposal.

My Mom also made Thank You gifts of chocolate bars. She used green and brown ribbons to attach a stamped "Thanks" on each one.

 My Grandmother had a nice array of snacks, buffet-style. There were platters of fruit, cheese and crackers, vegetables and cookies. The silver bowl in the middle held punch. 

 These are my friends Rita (left) and Laura (right) from high school! I was so glad that they could come!

I received three sets of dishes (picked out by Todd on our registry!) at the shower. I am so excited about them because now I will have enough dishes to use my dishwasher!

 Laura and Rita worked on making the bouquet or hat out of the ribbons from the gifts. 

Love the color of these casserole dishes!

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