Sunday, November 27, 2011


We went on our honeymoon this past week! We stayed at the Renaissance Hotel in Baltimore, curtesy of Todd's awesome parents, Saturday night after the wedding. We boarded the Carnival Pride out of Baltimore on Sunday morning and cruised down the east coast to Port Canaveral, Nassau and Freeport.

Let's start with our luxurious hotel room with the stunning views of the city of Baltimore! This is what we walked in and immediately saw.

We felt so rich! His parents even ordered champagne for us. We were hungry after all the crazy dancing, so we decided to experience room service for the first time. Totally worth it!

In the morning, the views were still beautiful.

Then we went to breakfast. They had a great buffet but before we got to eat, we had to wait patiently for a table. While we waited, we played checkers. Todd won.

Boarding the cruise ship was no problem. We had some lines to wait on but nothing too major. We had to wait a few minutes before the rooms were ready. Our room, although nice and roomier than I expected, was nowhere near the amount of luxury of the hotel room we inhabited the previous night. For Todd, the room was a bit tight. We splurged and went for the balcony! It made Lindsey sick the first two days but by the third day, she had decided it was worth it.

Monday and Tuesday were spent entirely on the ship. We spent some time by the pools, lounging and in the hot tub. The hot tub was a hot commodity and hard to get a turn in! We discovered that the time to get in the hot tub was when everyone was at dinner. 

Lindsey enjoying her first pedicure!

Monday was our first "Cruise Elegant" dinner.

Tuesday included more lounging. Here are two shots from our balcony!

We finally snagged a hammock. We were really enjoying it until...

... until we saw this sign. Oops!

Wednesday we arrived at Port Canaveral in Florida! Finally... land. We were docked next to the Disney Dream... which would follow us to our next ports. Lindsey thought this was a sign that they should have gone broke and spent the extra money for a Disney cruise.

We signed up for the shore excursion to Cocoa Beach and Cocoa Village. Cocoa Village was a cute, small Main Street-like town.  We enjoyed walking around and seeing the shops. The first shop we went into was an antique shop. Lindsey could spend all day and all her money in there but Todd dragged her out. Lindsey found this very awesome phone that would fit perfectly into their kitchen but Todd refused to buy it for her.

Then Lindsey found this other cool phone. Todd wouldn't let her buy this one either, even though it was remarkably cheaper.

Lindsey then saw these adorable owl salt and pepper shakers! They would be perfect to start her salt and pepper collection. Todd said no.

Once Todd had dragged her outside the store, Lindsey found this beautiful collection of butterflies in the outside display. Todd said yes. Although Lindsey was torn, she decided against the purchase because she did not want to lug that around all day.

We went into various souvenir shops and Lindsey found two used books for $6. One book looked a bit sketchy but turned out to be pretty good. Lindsey could be found reading that book all week. Lindsey took Todd into a dollhouse store! She was so excited that she couldn't decide what to buy.

After walking around all the shops, we went to the dock area where there was a great water view and boats.

When we finally walked over to Cocoa Beach, it was a bit overcast. Just as well since we aren't big sunbathers.

Thursday we arrived in Nassau... the Bahamas! We decided to do the shore excursion to the private island of Blue Lagoon. It turned out to be our favorite port. Once you see the pictures, I think you will see why! Here are some shots took during breakfast.

We took a smaller boat to the island.

We passed Eddie Murphy's lighthouse and Oprah Winfrey's mansion! When we arrived at Blue Lagoon, we spent the first few minutes walking around, exploring! There was so much to take in!

We had opted for the buffet lunch option. The food was pretty good even though it turned out to be not much of a buffet.

After lunch, we settled on a more private area of the island to relax at.

Lindsey was so excited to find two hermit crabs!

The water was warm and crystal clear! Lindsey made Todd go swimming for treasures.

Since the boat that was to take us back to the cruise ship was late, we found a hammock to lounge in.

That night in the dining room, they offered a Thanksgiving dinner option. Todd's chocolate pumpkin pie was delicious!

The following day, we ported at Freeport, also in the Bahamas. We went on a pretty depressing tour and then went shopping! How appropriate to go shopping on Black Friday, right? We went to a farmer's market where locals sold souvenirs and then we went to a more upscale, touristy marketplace, called Lucaya. We got some great deals at the first farmer's market! You want to see what we bought? ... You will just have to come over and see!

Saturday was spent on the boat. We spent every moment doing nothing... just because we could. The winds were up to 27 mph and the boat was very rocky. Sunday morning we arrived back in Baltimore! Lindsey was super excited to get home and start cleaning the house. Todd wasn't nearly as excited to clean.

Here are our towel animals that we received every night after supper.

We hoped you enjoyed our pictures! We had a lot of fun and missed you all!


  1. Wow, great pictures...loved the Blue Lagoon! It looks like you had a wonderful time!!!

  2. What a fabulous way to start your life together!! We wish you many, many years of happiness.

  3. Thanks everyone! We both had a great time but are both glad to be back! Blue Lagoon was definitely our favorite!


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