Monday, December 19, 2011

Cake & Cupcakes

I really wanted to just have cake and not fall into the cupcake trend but once we priced out options, we realized cupcakes were the smart way to go after all. Cake per person is around $3-4 per slice alone! On the other hand, cupcakes start at $1 each. 

We decided to go with a cake for the wedding party so that we could have something to slice for the cake cutting and to freeze for our one year anniversary. We went with cupcakes for the guests and provided toppings so they could decorate their own. Not only was that option cheaper but it was also another way to get the guests involved. We got an assortment of flavors which included vanilla, chocolate, marble, lemon and spice. Yum!

I am really proud of my cake! No, I did not design it (sadly) but I did provide a similar picture to my baker at Cakes Plus. I think they did a pretty fabulous job! (We chose lemon by the way.)

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