Thursday, December 15, 2011


I LOVE thrift stores and antique stores! I get most of my wardrobe from thrift stores. I get super excited when I find neat trinkets too. Sunday afternoon, Todd and I went to AAA Antiques in Laurel. I was so psyched to find an awesome antique store in my area! This place is huge so if you go there make sure you have a big block of time reserved. 

I found several cool phones like the one from 101 Dalmations and Mary Poppins. (I would love to start an old phone collection!) I also found tons of neat S&P shakers! (This seems to be a more practical collection to start.) Todd got lost in the comics and toys section but our only big purchase was this adorable porcelain elephant for only $3!

I was reminded of the miniature ceramic swans both my Grandma and Mom had by their kitchen sinks. They would place their rings on the long necks. The elephant is currently sitting in our kitchen and is the perfect ring holder for when we do dishes.

Do you have little trinkets that remind you of someone or some tradition? How do you re-purpose your trinkets?

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