Thursday, December 22, 2011

Memory Jars

When we ported in Florida and the Bahamas, Todd and I collected sand and little natural things such as shells and rocks. Todd did his collecting underwater where no one could watch him. I am pretty sure everyone thought I was weird, spending my time crawling around on the sand. Oh well! The results were worth it! Now we have part of our travels in our home.

I love how you can see the differences in the sand when the jars are next to each other! We plan to collect little things where ever we travel in the future. I am sure one day our home will be cluttered with these little jars!

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  1. Hi Lindsey! If you ever get an opportunity to watch a Lucille O'Ball movie called " the Long Trailer" she made back in the 1950's with her husband Desi Arnez, you will see a very funny film about a newlywed couple. Lucy collects 'things' along the way as they travel across the U.S.A. only the things that she has set her mind on are large rocks! Extremely funny situations as a result. I think your sand collections in mason jars are not only more pleasing to the eye but a whole lot lighter!



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