Monday, December 12, 2011

Exciting First Ever Todd's Corner

     Hello all,

   Welcome to my very first Todd’s corner. What is Todd’s corner you ask? Well, Todd’s corner is a place for me to share knowledge that I have gathered in my short time as a married man. Some knowledge has come from my dating up till marriage but I am really only realizing it now. I welcome input and I hope I can pass some info that maybe someone needs to hear.

Todd’s Corner Post 1: It’s not my money it’s our money

      I paid for a good portion of my wedding with my savings and some credit card debt and I was very happy to do it because I love Lindsey with all my heart. The problem I kept running into is when we would make decisions I would always bring up that I was paying and it was not to override what Lindsey would want, it was to just make it known that I was putting money up. It was a pride issue but every time I brought it up it hurt Lindsey’s feelings. I was pretty oblivious to what I was doing until my father pulled me aside and explained to me what I was doing. I felt really horrible; it’s a hard lesson to learn. Since that point it has been very important to me to make it known to Lindsey that it’s our money and we make decisions together. Since then we have made every financial decision together and we treat all finances as ours.

    What’s the point? The point is you share all of your life even months before you actually get married. Don’t make my mistake, weeks and months up to the marriage all aspects of life involve the person you are going to marry. Thanks for joining me for Todd’s Corner.

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  1. Love this post, Todd...marriage is all about sharing everything...glad you are learning!


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