Thursday, December 22, 2011

Todd’s Corner: Part Deux You Done Goofed Kid!

Todd’s Corner: Part Deux

 You Done Goofed Kid!

   Welcome to the second Todd’s corner, I will wait for your applause now………… Thanks, you are all great. This Todd’s corner is titled “You Done Goofed Kid”. One of the things I have learned pretty fast in my marriage is that I need to write things down. For so long I have lived in a manner of I am “DTW”, down for whatever. That does not work so well in a marriage. Our first week or two of marriage I would agree to most of anything that Lindsey would want to do but would not write it down and then it would not happen. One of my biggest goofs was I was asked to put kitty litter in the litter box once Lindsey cleared all the poop out. I said sure and then I just forgot and did not write it down. Well a couple of days go by and Lindsey goes to clean it out again and there is no litter in there, just poop! Lindsey was not happy with me at all and since that time I have been trying to make sure I make notes and keep up my calendar. When you get married your free and clear life style is over, got to keep track of things and chaos is just not good. Don’t let this lesson slip you by people, until next time my friends.

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  1. Ahhh, the lessons to be learned are hard, aren't they? But there is growth in it!!! Glad you are writing things helps!


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