Friday, December 9, 2011

The Proposal

Monday, June 20th was my last day of school! I had breakfast from the PTA and then I signed out for summer break! I knew Todd was going to propose that day but I didn't know when and where.

When I got home from school around 9 or 10 in the morning, I opened the door was shocked to see Todd down on one knee in the living room! A photographer was crouched behind the side table, clicking away. Here are some of the shots that she got!

Todd was surrounded by colorful, fresh flowers and lit candles. After the photographer left, I had to say that I was absolutely horrified because Todd let someone into the house when it was a mess! I immediately started to clean (even though she had already left). I had to use drinking glasses to arrange the flowers in because I didn't have any vases at the time.

Todd and I then went to a romantic lunch at the drive through at McDonalds. Promptly after lunch, he went to take a nap since he was so anxious about the proposal the night before that he hardly slept. For dinner, we went to a Chinese buffet where Todd had reserved a room for all our friends to celebrate with us! ... Wait a minute, I mean, all of TODD'S friends. He forgot to invite my friends. 

Still a very fun and eventful day! What a way to end the school year!

Do you like the photographs you see? They were done by a friend, Kat! Check out her website if you ever have a photography need in the DC/Baltimore area!

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