Monday, December 19, 2011

S'more Bar

Todd and I wanted an interactive wedding favor to keep up the fun factor! We came up with s'mores after I found a great indoor/outdoor marshmallow roaster online. Apparently the guests loved it! They were trying to make their s'mores before the tables were open! Once the table was open, the line was super long! 

We bought two ceramic roasters from Hershey's. You put a small tin of canned fuel inside and use the little forks it comes with. We had an assortment of marshmallows (coconut, regular and strawberry), graham crackers (honey, cinnamon and chocolate) and chocolate bars.

I even ordered some little cellophane baggies so that people could bring theirs home but I think most of the guests ate theirs right on the spot!

This turned out to be very affordable at around $1 per person! 


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