Thursday, December 29, 2011

Tool Organization

Since our house is a continuous renovation project, I have let the organization of our home slip... a lot.

See? (Wow. This is really embarrassing!) These are just a portion of our tools but they are the ones we use the most... and therefore we don't ever put them away. But with our first duo of dinner guests coming tonight, this clutter had to go away. But where?

How bout here?

This is a very skinny closet in the basement. It holds the electrical box and some crutches left behind by the former owner. (Note to self: throw out the nasty crutches.) We also store broken down boxes in there... somewhere in there...

Anyways, I found these neat FREE printable labels on another awesome blog (check it out!) and I decided it would be a whole heck of a lot easier to use someone's pre-made labels instead of creating my own. Plus they are pretty cute! 

So I downloaded the file and added text. Then I printed them out and taped them onto shoebox sized clear plastic containers I got for a little over a dollar each at Target. I like the clear containers because you can easily see what is inside. Eventually I would like to laminate the labels but I didn't have any tape or plastic so that will have to be done another day. Eventually.

Much better, right?

I kept one box upstairs because I know I will be using it frequently. 

I came up with the idea of creating a box just with picture hanging tools. I included a stud finder, hooks, nails, screws, painter's tape, pencils, a level and a mini hammer. This way, when I want to hang a picture, I don't have to hunt through everything to find what I need.

I also used an old wine basket (it is divided into four sections inside) to store tools that we use a lot. I put wooden shims, screwdrivers, hammers and a caulk gun in there, just to name a few things. I also don't feel so bad leaving this out in the living room. Who wants an ugly plastic/metal toolbox in their living room when they can have a stylish basket?

Hope you are all inspired to get organized as the new year approaches!


  1. Wow. Color me insanely jealous, Lindsey! Such super talent!

    Also, I like how the banner on the top of the site is a picture of Todd just doing his thing, while in your picture you can clearly tell that Todd is standing next to you, but he's cropped out.

    XD I love the site, and I can't wait to see more as you guys grow and expand!

  2. Nice! Next up, you can organize my apartment!

  3. @Ben and Lyndsey

    I would actually love to help you organize your apartment lol! I enjoy organizing other people's stuff more than my own sometimes.


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