Thursday, December 8, 2011

Wedding Invitations

I had so many ideas on how I wanted our wedding invitations to be. I also knew that I wanted to make it myself. After pricing out materials, I discovered that the cost of paper, postage, etc was going to be way to expensive for our limited budget! 

I had to get creative. 

After thinking and thinking, I thought, "Why not a postcard?" You can't beat a 33 cent stamp! Or the cost of $1 per postcard! I knew that most couples used postcards for save the dates so I was a bit worried that having a postcard invitation would be both confusing and incorrect wedding etiquette. Oh well. I decided (after asking around) that it was our wedding and we could do what we wanted!

Then I had to find a company that did postcards. Most companies do offer postcards but you have to use their layout. This was a problem because I still wanted to do my own design. I settled on MOO. They have great products, prices and communication. Not to mention, I liked how the postcards came packaged!

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