Sunday, January 1, 2012

Christmas Day #2 on New Year's Eve

Yesterday, Saturday, was New Year's Eve. Todd and I went over to my parent's new house in Delaware to celebrate Christmas! My mom had brought my Grandma down from New Jersey and it was wonderful to see her too!

We got there just in time for a lunch of homemade baked beans and sloppy joes. Yummm. After lunch we opened gifts! We got my Grandma and my parents (and Todd's parents) each a book of wedding photos from Shutterfly. As much as I love to scrapbook, I knew I would never get our wedding scrapbook done in time for Christmas... plus to make enough for everyone? Hah. These were very economical and easy to make. They also came out with great, clear pictures! Todd and I received a lot of nice things including a new quilt for our bedroom, work pants for Todd, large drink glasses and more!

Mia got buried under the wrapping paper
Mia debating on whether to climb into this box too
Mia on our new quilt
Our new quilt!
The Shutterfly book we got for our parents and my Grandma

Todd and my dad loaded our new washing machine (their old one) into the back of his truck. It is gigantic! It will be so nice to have a front loader so that I don't have to keep bending over into the deep, dark depths of our current washer. We had fun wrapping it up with a lot of duct tape.

Then we all went thrift store shopping! We were able to hit two stores before they closed early for the holiday. I found some great finds for myself and for my parents' new home. Check out our awesome purchases!

I found a dollar on the floor when I was waiting in line!
$12 each; for my parents' family room
$15 each; for parents' family room
$8 for three planters with a matching tray for our future kitchen herbs!
$3 for the set (OR $1 each!)

When we got done shopping, we headed over to Cracker Barrel for dinner. It was really nice because Todd and I don't have a Cracker Barrel near us. After dinner, we shopped their Christmas clearance and I picked these little guys up for just 64 cents!

We found a Todd-sized mug!

When we finally got back to my parents' house we did our white elephant gift exchange and we each ended up with four gifts. It was a lot of fun even though we only had five people.

My parents' new mantle
White elephant gifts
The men enjoying their candles
Mia guarding the rest of the gifts
Todd about to shoot me 
Mia chose the candy!
My white elephant gifts
Todd's white elephant gifts
Mia playing with leftover ribbon

Before we left, Todd and I helped hang up my parents' new artwork and their existing artwork around the first floor. We also stayed for dessert and Todd had his first slice of pecan pie. We got home just in time to unload our goodies before the ball dropped! Perfect timing!

Overall, a very eventful and blessed year. We hope you had a wonderful year full of friends and family as well!

{ happy 2012! }

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  1. Happy New Year to you and Todd! Wishing you a fabulous year, filled with joy, adventure and LOVE!


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