Monday, January 9, 2012

DIY Chair Cushion

So I had this chair in my studio that was originally an outdoor chair from Target. The other one was vandalized last year when I left it outside (gah!) so I had brought it inside. Turns out, it is really uncomfortable to use as a desk chair because there is no back support! However, it is great for lounging so I thought I would make a quickie cushion for it and put it in the living room.

I had this piece of washable foam (I never actually tried washing it but that is what the package said) that I used to use as a cat bed. I took the old cover off and placed it on the chair to see how it looked.

And it looked too big in the back corners. Ugh. Time to trim! First I turned the chair upside down, holding the foam in place with one hand. With my other hand, I took a sharpie and outlined where I needed to trim.

Supposedly it cuts like buttahhh if you use an electric knife, like the kind used once a year to carve a turkey. Unfortunately, I don't have one. Instead I used a regular, large, kitchen knife. It took a lot of sawing and elbow grease but I finally trimmed the corners down.

I had some fabric in my stash that matched our living room and I cut it a few inches larger on each side. I wrapped the fabric tightly around the foam and pinned it in place with safety pins. Professional, right? The corners I wrapped like a present. This is what the bottom looks like:

Not that pretty but hey, no one is going to see this mess since it's on the bottom! This is what it looks like right side up:

Nice, right? This is probably only a temporary fix until I have the time to sew a nicer cover... one that can be flipped over. One that when flipped over won't embarrass me. Anyways, it was a quick fix that was done all in a matter of minutes... all in a matter of Todd's nap...


  1. Hi Lindsey, the chair really does look nice there in your living room, pretty colours, but don't forget to finish it off when you have time. Wouldn't want someone to sit down and get a pin up their you know what, LOL I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris

    1. I would love to sew a cover for it when I have time but I have no clue when that will be! :) So far the pins haven't been a problem because the foam is so thick.

      Thanks Chris for stopping by! I am now following you back! :)


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