Saturday, January 7, 2012

Studio Organization

So when I first moved into my house (a little over a year ago), I put all my studio stuff in the basement. Then Todd came into the picture. The basement became his mancave. Allllll of my studio stuff was hurriedly shoved into the spare bedroom. It has looked like this for um... far too long. Here is an embarrassing before picture...

Oy vey. What a nightmare to go through! I finally tackled it this weekend, partially because I was getting a new sewing desk from a friend. Yay! That was motivation enough to clear a space. Here is the opposite wall with the new desk.

What a beautiful sewing desk! I wonder how old it really is. Maybe this will motivate me to sew more. In my spare time. Wait a minute... what spare time? :)

And then the kitties came in and modeled for me. They wanted to be photographed too.

On the top of the other desk (that you can kind of see under the clutter in the before picture) some more organization took place. I sorted through all my colored pencils (oh wonderful Prismacolors!) and put them in different jars.

I also scored this white beauty at a thrift store. Todd made fun of me and said that it was something an old lady would have in her house. I thought it was pretty. This one has all my pens, markers, pencils and well, scissors.

I got this old drawer organizer from my dad when he was cleaning out his basement before their move. I put all different little hardware treasures inside. I plan on using the washers and such to make jewelry. I need to get back into making jewelry. I miss it.

Maybe later I will get around to taking pictures of the rest of the room but it is late and this will have to be it for now.

Do you have any organization projects that you have done in the new year so far? If so, share them with me! We can inspire each other!


  1. Your cats are adorable. :-)
    I got a sewing machine for Christmas and would LOVE a sewing table! You've inspired me to hunt one down on Craigslist!

  2. @Brittania

    Thanks Brittany! I can't wait to see what you make with your new sewing machine!

  3. That is a super awesome seing table. My grandmother had a sewing machine in a table like that with a treadle (sp?).


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