Thursday, January 26, 2012

Todd's Corner 3: Revenge of the Corner

Todd’s Corner 3: Revenge of the Corner

Prioritize that time yo!

    So being the life of the party, which I am, means that I am always down for anything. I am always saying yes to hanging out with friends, going to a party, or just doing whatever but two really important things I have learned about my time is that I need time for myself and quality time with my wife.

   Let’s tackle these one at a time. First it is really important that I have quality time with my wife. I know that I may be going to hang with friends or having a late soccer game or something and Lindsey will have to be at the house by herself and many times fall asleep by herself. When those things happen a couple of nights in a row it equals bad times. I am trying to get a handle on this so it does not happen a lot and I am home a good amount of the week so we can have our time together but it’s a hard lesson. Lindsey and I have talked about this problem and it is being worked on and I am learning this important lesson.

   The second problem is even harder for me, if you can believe that. I am such an extrovert that I am always trying to be around people all the time. I have never been one to fight for some alone time or anything like that because it has never really been high on my “to do” list. I guess just growing up I always wanted to hang and I never really wanted to just sit by myself. Well as a married adult now I am learning that everyone needs that alone time to work on things or do whatever but when your life is busy you have to work at it. That time does not just fall in your lap, you have to set it up and you have to plan it out.

   Well that concludes another Todd’s Corner, I hope everyone had a good time and don’t forget to leave a comment with some thoughts. Peace!


  1. It's exciting to see you working through these issues, Todd! Very proud of you for recognizing the need to do so AND setting about making a plan to actually do it. Being in a committed relationship does change how you live life, especially if your partner is wired differently than you.

    As you wrestle with these changes, be very aware that God knows where you are and where you need to go. Be sure that the quiet time you are setting aside for yourself includes time with Him. Listen and He will direct you. And the same goes with the time you and Lindsey share. Praying together can be very powerful.

    Hang in there, dude. It's a journey not a race.

    1. Thanks Terry, your words are wise and helpful!


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