Saturday, February 11, 2012

Master Bedroom Mood Board

Everyone wants a nice, relaxing bedroom where they can retreat to at the end of a stressful day at work. For the longest time, I did not have that! (And still don't but hopefully that will soon change.) The master bedroom when I first purchased the house featured bland white walls, an old broken ceiling fan and maroon carpet. Not to mention it was just plain dirty! Take a look-see.

Not very attractive right? But potential! The first thing I did was rip up all the old carpet (by myself, may I add!) It was sooooo gross! Once I pulled up the plethora of unnecessary staples, I discovered nasty stains underneath from something that I didn't want to know about. 

I sanded the floor by hand. I thought, "This isn't a very big room... I'll just use my good old handheld electric sander instead of paying the money to rent a large one." Wow. That was a lot of work. My arms hurt from just thinking about it! I then stained the floor a dark brown and coated that with two coats of polyurethane that took forever to dry because I did it when it was hot and humid out. My friend Carolyn came over and helped me paint the walls this nice peachy brown color called Hotel St. Francis Fawn from Valspar. I was a bit worried that it would be too dark but it turned out fine. It's cozy. :) Here is the room after all that hard work.

Notice that rectangular hole in the upper wall? Don't worry, that's just a vent. I have the cover for it... I just haven't put it up yet. (And it's been what, like a year now?)

I should add here that this is around the time that I met Todd. He helped nail all the bedroom trim in (except for one section that still needs to be done). He did a fine job!

Going ahead a few months... Although I liked the color scheme of browns, oranges, creams and blacks, I soon realized that the comforter had seen better days and it was time to get a new (non-lumpy) one. Todd and I also realized we needed a new bed and mattress as neither of our queens were cutting it. After one (or two) nights of horrible sleep after the honeymoon, we spent a portion of the wedding money and purchased a new king sized mattress, box springs and bed frame. It was one of our best purchases ever! Fortunately, we were able to exchange our wedding gifts of bedsheets for the appropriate size. 

But back to the lumpy comforter. I picked out a blue quilt online and my parents got it for us as a Christmas gift! I picked out several comforters and quilts that I liked and Todd and I finally agreed on the blue one. It was on sale and although a quilt, it is not too feminine. 

Here are the plans for the master bedroom now. We already have some of the items and some still need to be purchased and made.

This is my first mood board! I didn't spend forever on it so it could be much neater. Anyways, you get the idea, right? Thoughts? Suggestions? 


  1. This is Debbie-Wow, Lindsey and Todd, the bedroom looks great...the house is just transforming quite nicely!!! It's hard work, I know, but sure does look good! You guys do GREAT work!


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