Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Mini Apple Pie Tutorial

Mini Apple Pie Tutorial

  •  Sculpey liquid clay
  • Acrylic gloss medium or Triple Thick
  • Soft hair brushes
  • Mini pie pan or bottlecaps
  • Fimo polymer clay in beige and white
  • Chalk pastels
  • Xacto knife
  • Dowel rod or pencil or pen
  • Wax paper or scrap paper
  • Toothpicks or popsicle sticks

1. Take a small piece of the beige clay and warm it up in your hands. I use Fimo but you can use whatever brand polymer clay you prefer. They each have slightly different qualities.

2. Roll it into a ball and then flatten it with your finger. Roll it out using a small rolling pin, pencil or pen. I used a dowel rod... because I just happen to have those laying around my house. Roll it pretty thin.


3. Place it in your mini pie pan. You can buy one in the miniatures department of your craft store. Hobby Lobby and AC Moore both have dollhouse miniatures departments. I found these bottle caps in the scrapbooking isle! They come in different colors and patterns. I also found some of these bottle caps but with a hole for hanging on a jewelry chain in the jewelry isle! 


4. Take your flattened beige clay and gently press it into your pie pan. Trim off the excess with your xacto knife.

5. Warm some white clay up in your hands and roll it into a small tube for the apples.

6. Scrape some chalk off light and regular green chalk pastels with an xacto blade. Using your soft brush, brush this on the white tube.

7. Take your xacto knife and cut small slices. These are your apples! Cut enough to fill your pie crust. As you cut, the slices should dent a little under the knife to make the perfect apple shape.

8. Looking like a pie yet? Squeeze some liquid Sculpey out onto some scrap paper and scrape some brown chalk pastel into it. Mix it up with toothpick or popsicle stick.

9. Add the apples into the brown liquid and mix them up until they are nice and coated! This is the sugar glaze. When they are covered, put them back in the pie crust. Save some glaze for later!

10. Grab some more beige clay. Repeat the first couple of steps to roll it out. Cut it into thin strips using your xacto knife. Weave each strip, over one, under the next until you get a nice basket weave pattern. Gently place over your apples and press down. Cut off the excess with your knife.

11. Scrape off some yellow and brown chalk pastel. Using the yellow first, brush it on with a soft, dry brush to make it look golden brown and baked. Do the crust and the tops of the basket weave.

12. Take some extra brown glaze and smear it on the top and in any cracks between the basket weave.

13. Bake according to the package directions. 

14. When it has been baked and is cooled off, take the acrylic gloss medium or Triple Thick and paint any parts that should look wet. I painted where the brown glaze was and dropped some in the cracks in between the basket weave.

15. Enjoy but don't eat!

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