Monday, April 16, 2012

April Fool's Cupcakes

So I know it is mid-April but I just haven't gotten around to posting about my April Fool's prank. Todd had a bunch of his friends over for a wrestling show on TV on Sunday (April Fool's!) night. One of Todd's friends, Fontaine, had recently had a birthday the week before. So I whipped up these faux cupcakes as a belated birthday treat for him and everyone else. Don't worry though- they are totally edible! They are actually mini shepherd's pies!

I started after everyone arrived and was safe in the basement. I then browned some meat with some carrots, celery and Worcestershire sauce. While the meat was browning, I placed cupcake liners in my pan and wrapped canned crescent rolls around the inside of the liners. You will have to rip them apart and do some finagling to get them to fit. It took me 1 1/2 cans of crescent rolls to get 12 cupcakes. I then baked them according the package directions.

By the time the crescent rolls had finished baking, the meat was done. I spooned tablespoons of the meat mixture into each cup. I wanted the meat to be level with the top of the crescent roll crust.

Then I made mashed cauliflower (you can get my recipe here) and put about 1 1/2 cups into a smaller bowl. I added green food coloring and frosted my cupcakes!

Looks kind of legit, right? I was a bit worried that it wouldn't trick them because I had just baked them and they didn't smell like cupcakes but I don't think they even paused to notice the smell! Before everyone left, they told me they enjoyed the prank and that the "cupcakes" were delicious!

I would like to take the credit for this idea but unfortunately, I didn't come up with it. I got the idea from here. Her frosting looks a lot smoother but I am sure that this is because she used mashed potatoes and not mashed cauliflower. She has other great April Fool's food ideas on her blog as well!

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  1. Cute idea, I think next year I will try a April Fools day prank with cupcakes.


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