Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Spring Break Project #3: New Bathroom Window

Ever since I moved into our house in July of 2010, the bathroom window has never been opened. It was pretty much stuck closed. Also, the bathroom does not have any exhaust fans so there is no ventilation whatsoever. So basically our bathroom was like a mini sauna whenever you took a bath or shower. And since there was no ventilation, the moisture would just settle on every surface... and seep into the windowsill... and create mold.

After over a year of showering with no ventilation, here is what the windowsill looked like. (Prepare yourself for some gross pictures!)


In the last picture, you can kind of see how the water seeped down behind the tile work. Some of the tiles had even started to pop out. As a temporary fix, I had caulked around them but I knew that wouldn't last long.

Now I don't want you all to think that Todd and I never cleaned our bathroom, because we definitely did. Once or twice a week I would spray the windowsill and shower area with a bleach and water mixture to try to get rid of the surface mold but it penetrated the sill so quickly!

I would like to say that Todd and I installed the new window on our own but that would be a blatant lie. We had a professional come in to tackle this job! Joe did a great job! He was able to remove the broken window and install a new one in less than two days. He even took some of the tile off to see how deep the mold penetrated and then he reapplied the tile. He cut the tile very carefully off the wall so as to not damage any of my precious blue 50's tile. (If you need some work done in your house and you live in the Maryland area, contact Joe of Chestnut Pines Contracting!)

Here are some in process shots that I got from sneaking in the bathroom when he went outside:

Now here are the exciting after shots! It is so wonderful to have an opening window! (I apologize for the dark pictures. Anyone have any tips on how to take a picture of a bright window without washing out the scenery?)

Joe got rid of the window sill and installed the window flush with the wall. He used PVC trim on the inside and outside of the window. It is paintable and waterproof! Oh and did I mention that he got the window for only $100 at a secondhand type store? Score!

The bathroom is coming along! I do need to repaint the bathroom because the old color is bleeding through... The guy at Lowes (when I bought my Valspar Signature paint) kept telling me I didn't need to prime. Lies. So now I need to repaint. I will probably use the same color because I like the gray. Speaking of painting, I also need to get around to painting the trim around the medicine cabinet and the door.

There are also some tiles that need to be replaced and I am not too thrilled about the floor. I would also like to install some nice white shelves above the toilet for additional storage. These things will come in time... Maybe I will have more time to work on it over the summer!


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