Sunday, June 3, 2012

Birthday Week!

My birthday week is finally here! Along with it come the close of the school year. Although I am sad to see some of my seniors go (I had some of them for three years!), it is rejuvenating to dream of summer and my To Do lists.

Todd gave me one of my birthday presents early. A new camera!!! (I know, you are all sighing with relief because now I won't torture you any longer with dark, blurry pictures.) Before today, I was using a $200 Sony Cyber-shot point-and-shoot camera. I wasn't getting very good results unless it was a photo of something outdoors in sunny, clear weather. Anddd I would have to edit practically every single picture I took. Very time consuming. After conferring with some friends on an affordable camera that would be appropriate for me, Todd got a pretty great deal on a used camera (Sony NEX-3) online. And now it is in my hands. :)

Can you believe that these photos are unedited?! Of me and Jose indoors?! (Save for the watermark of course.) I had to crank up the ISO and contrast settings to get these photos in our dark and dismal house but they turned out a million gazillion times better than my old, ancient, point-and-shoot.

Don't I have such a great husband? (And he promised to cook me birthday dinner later this week!)

Gotta go... play with my new camera some more!

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