Thursday, June 14, 2012

Retirement Bracelet

The IB (International Baccalaureate) coordinator at our school retired this year. She was a great mentor to me during my first year teaching as well as my first year teaching IB Art 1. The school, program and students will definitely miss her next year! Since Pat was part of the Art department, we pooled our money and resources to get her a gift. Beth (another teacher) and I went to the mall and got some beautiful beads. I brought them home and turned them into this bracelet:

I wore it around the house for the day to make sure it was sturdy enough for wear! I loved wearing it and I hope Pat will too!

The blue beads with black veins are turquoise. The red is coral and the beige with green and brown spots are lampwork glass. The pins are sterling silver and the wire is stainless steel so there should be no discoloration over time. 

Making this bracelet made me realize how much I miss jewelry making. Hopefully I will get a chance to dabble some more in it this summer! 

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  1. You are an amazing artist, Lindsey! Whether it's food, jewelry or home decor, I never cease to be amazed at your talent! I'm sure your friend and mentor will be thrilled with her bracelet.


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