Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Shutter Clutter Holder

The last week of school, I snagged an old shutter from an art closet at school. (The shutter was in the outgoing trash pile... Don't worry, I wasn't stealing school supplies!) It was pretty grimy and ugly looking... but I saw potential. I had seen people repurpose old (and new) shutters for displaying Christmas cards. I thought, why couldn't I do this to organize my general paperwork?

(Notice my new succulents? I have one planter on each side of the door.)

So I brought the shutter home and hosed it down. It dried pretty quickly in the sun. I then scraped off some peeling paint. I debated taking off all the old paint but I didn't want to mess with any chemicals... or too much hard work. :) I figured it would be near impossible to get rid of all the dents anyhow and to just go with the "classic worn" look. So anyways, I scraped off all the paint that was peeling and left the rest there. You can slightly see where the old paint layer is under the new paint layer but it blends right in.

I then filled all the major holes and dents with wood filler. I followed directions and sanded the next day. I then wiped off all the dust and got to work! I propped the shutter up on two old cardboard boxes and craft paper outside. Banner (our doggie) supervised me... and so did our nosey neighbor. I used spray primer and spray paint in a light blue color. Our lovely neighbor (after staring at what I was doing), promptly told me that I was doing it wrong and that I should have painted the primer on. He said spray primer will just absorb and I was wasting my time. Oh blah.

The paint dried super quick! I brought it inside (out of my neighbor's watchful gaze) and stapled a thin layer of quilt batting on the back. I used a regular stapler and not a staple gun because the wood was pretty soft. I used quilt batting to keep the papers and cards from falling through the shutter spaces. (I apologize for the blurry picture below but the dog was distracting me!)

Banner continued to supervise... in the quilt batting.

Oh and by the way, I flipped the darn thing over. The top is the bottom and the bottom is the top. This way, the slots are facing the right way to hold papers.

I screwed two small screws almost in each side of the shutter and wrapped picture hanging wire around the screws. I twisted the extra length around the existing wire to strengthen it. I then tightened up the screws so that the wire wouldn't fall out. I drilled a hole and stuck a screw in a stud and then hung it.

After that, it was as easy as putting some papers in the slots and standing back to admire my work. ... And fiddle with my dying camera. (I need new camera batteries!)

Now I have another place to store all my clutter. :)


  1. Just did this last night, thanks to you! I searched "old shutter how to keep papers from falling through", and found this page. Thank you!!


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