Sunday, July 22, 2012

Delicious Day

For the past couple of years, Todd and his friends spend a day going to different restaurants around DC. Last year was my first year and we stopped at some very delicious places! This year, we went again. We didn't have as a big a group as usual because we went on a Monday instead of the weekend.

We started out by meeting at the church parking lot and then carpooling in Ryan's van to the metro. Todd received an honorary crown for being at every Delicious Day to date.

Last year the All Day pass for the metro was only $9. They increased their price to $14!!! Todd got the All Day pass but I just used my Smart Trip card. Read on to see who spent less!

Our first stop was for a sweet treat at Curbside Cupcakes for Lexi's birthday! I got classic Vanilla but Todd got Dulce de Leche. The cupcake was very good however the frosting was extremely thick.

The food truck next to the Curbside Cupcakes had shoes outside of it... We couldn't figure out why!

Our cupcakes:

After that, we headed back to the metro for the next stop. When we got there, we couldn't find it! It was another food truck and it wasn't in the location it promised. Ryan got on Twitter and found out their location. Go figure, they were right were we were previously! So back on the metro we went!

When we got back to where we originally were, the street was lined with food trucks!

We stopped at a lobster food truck and Todd got a Lobster BLT.

I went "next door" and got a SMOG meat pie from the meat pie truck. They had several savory meat pies as well as sweet dessert pies. The SMOG had steak, mushrooms, onion and I think gorgonzola. It was so good.

Todd thought this truck had a funny sign:

Then we went for a second lunch at DC Empanadas! I love empanadas, be it dessert or savory! They were giving away two free empanadas with an additional free drink for downloading their app on your smartphone. What a deal! So of course, we all had to take advantage of it. :)

I got a pork empanada:

Our last stop of the day was at Ben's Chili Bowl. It's pretty famous and I was excited to go for the first time. In my opinion, it was overrated but it was still a fun experience. The walls were covered with photos of famous people who visited there. Usually the line is out the door but since it was a Monday at lunchtime, we were able to get a table inside, no problem.

Todd and I split cheese fries which were nothing special. I got a chocolate milkshake that tasted like pure chocolate syrup. Todd got a chili dog with chips. I tasted it and did not care for it.

Before we left DC and Ben's Chili Bowl for the day, we got some group shots in. Here are the guys:

And us girls:

After Ben's Chili Bowl, we headed back home. By the end of the day, I think I spent less than Todd. It definitely would have been less if we didn't make that one unnecessary trip on the metro! 

And now I will end this post with a random, totally cute photo of our Banner that I took that very morning. Enjoy! :)

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