Monday, July 2, 2012

Goodbye Hair. Hello Summer!

I did it. I donated my hair!

[Please click on photo to view larger.]

I am so excited! I love having short hair... I never know what to do with it when it's long because my hair is. so. heavy. 

I went with a style that is shorter in the back and longer in the front (similar to what I had about a year ago). Then on one side (in the front), the hair is longer. The woman spent almost an hour cutting my hair but she did a pretty good job! It took two ladies to blow dry my hair, it's that thick. :)

I have a few recipes that I need to share with you so stay tuned for those! Then off to visit the in-laws and go to Myrtle Beach later this week! Hopefully there won't be any more thunderstorms next week!

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  1. Your hair looks great!!.. Hope you had a good time in Myrtle Beach.. I live here and it's been SO hot!.
    Robyn :)


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