Friday, July 13, 2012

Myrtle Beach

You can read about the beginning of our vacation here. We spent the first few days at Todd's parents' house in North Carolina. The kids (our niece and nephew, Skylar and Sylas) really enjoyed playing with Banner. Banner really enjoyed playing with them too.

After awhile, Todd started playing croquet with the kids. That lasted about 10 minutes. Banner had a nice time watching.

When they had given up croquet, the kids took turns riding the motor bike thing. Banner kept chasing them and barking.

During all this, Tiffinie and I supervised and Dan grilled some burgers.

 Here is Jack. He is older so he doesn't play too much.

Later that night, Skylar and I did some watercolor paintings. She did as well as some of my high schoolers... maybe better. :)

Monday we left for Myrtle Beach! Todd's parents were in front and Todd, Banner and I were in back. Banner sat in between us on the console. I spent the entire trip sleeping. :)

About 4 or 5 hours later, we arrived at Myrtle Beach State Park. Todd and I stayed in the travel trailer while his parents stayed with friends, Lynn and Jeff. Here are some shots of the roomy travel trailer:

The park had tons of other travel trailers and tent campsites. We were at lot #105.

We had a cookout with Lynn and Jeff outside the travel trailer on Monday night and then we walked down to the beach.

Banner was allowed on the beach after 5 pm (and before 10 am). At first, he was scared of the water! I think he was scared because of the waves. Normally, Banner hops right in water.

The beach was pretty quiet. There were some kids swimming and other people walking around but overall it was very peaceful. 

After we walked the beach and back, we headed over to Lynn and Jeff's gorgeous home. Just check out their backyard! It's like a photo straight out of a calendar!

After meeting Lynn and Jeff's dog and talking for a long time, Banner got quite tuckered out.

We planned to go to the beach on Tuesday but unfortunately the weather had other plans.

We spent the day shopping instead. We went to a great store that was filled with shells and coral. I was in heaven. :) I got several starfish and a small piece of white coral. I plan on using it in our bathroom as decor... whenever I get around to building those bathroom shelves I had planned. We also checked out a local flea market. Todd got some sunglasses and Banner got a new toy.

Later that night we headed over to Todd's childhood friend's house, Riki. Her sister, Kati was there as well with her kids. Riki and Kati are basically Todd's sisters, that's how close they all are. It was nice to finally meet them after hearing so many stories about them!

We spent a lot of time playing Po-ke-no. I think everyone won something but in the end, Todd got the jackpot!

We took some group shots before separating for the night. I apologize for the brightness of the shots on the left side of some of them but that was the only light source in the room.

The kids were pretty tired out by the end of the night.

Wednesday we managed to get some beach time in before leaving. It was still a bit cloudy but the rain held out!

I spent a lot of time picking up shells. They were everywhere!

I even got some teennyy-tiny ones for the dollhouse. :)

By the time we left the beach, it had brightened up outside.

While Dan and Debbie were loading up the travel trailer, Todd and I picked up lunch at Sonic. We were having a cheat day so I was super excited to get a corn dog and a Sonic Blast with Butterfingers. Yum!

We ended up eating lunch in the car on the way back to North Carolina. Overall, we had a great time despite the rain! The general consensus between Todd and I was that we need to go back for at least a week next time!


  1. Love it!! You got some great photos!! So nice to finally meet you and make a memory!! Xoxo

    Ps....come back anytime! Kati

  2. Sounds like a great time. Family is everything.

  3. What a beautiful motor home!.. I live in Myrtle Beach and I hope you liked it here and yes, you do need atleast a week to get to see and experience everything.. I do hope you'll come back.. You had some wonderful photos! Thank you so much for sharing them with us :)
    Robyn :)


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