Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Start to a GREAT Vacation!

And we are off to a great start on our vacation! We left at around 7:30 last night (Friday) and got into North Carolina/Todd's parents' house at around 1 am. Banner really enjoyed the drive.

It's currently almost 11 am... and Todd is still sleeping. Banner and Cami had a good time playing in the backyard. For an older dog, Cami has quite the energy! I didn't get any action shots of them playing but here is one of Banner exhausted and Cami trying to get him up!

While the dogs were playing, I played with my camera. Dan has a wonderful garden. 

We also gave Dan his Father's Day gift. He had asked for a drawing of his house to turn into thank you cards. Here is the drawing without color... just ink pen:

Then I added color with colored pencils! That was a lot of fun!

We put it in a simple frame. I did want to mat it but it was a weird size and the store didn't have any precut. I didn't feel like cutting any either.

More updates later!


  1. Loved all the photos.. The dogs are precious, the flowers are beautiful and the drawing came out beautiful! Thank you for sharing some of your vacation with us :)
    Robyn :)

  2. The drawing of the house is just gorgeous! I'm sure Dan was thrilled.


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