Friday, August 3, 2012

Hall/Linen Closet Reveal

Most people have a junk drawer in their kitchen. It's usually a small, pull-out drawer that turns into a catch-all for all things junk- writing utensils, miscellaneous office supplies, trash, toys, etc etc etc. Our kitchen is wayyy too small for a junk drawer so we had to find another place to store our junk (behind closed doors). And that's where our hall/linen closet comes in. Without Todd or I really noticing it, our upstairs hall closet quickly accumulated all sorts of junk. Of course the regular hall/linen items were still stored in there... somewhere. To give you a good idea of what our junk closet looked like, take a look for yourself:

Note all the junk that had no business in a linen closet (such as the quarter round trim). Anyway, the first step was to take a deep breath... and then start clearing everything out. Jose helped by joining the massive pile on the bed. (Can you find him in the picture above?) Here it is, all cleared out:

Next step was to tape everything off and then prime. I used Zinnser for good coverage. It got quite stinky in that little closet.

Then I did some more taping and painted the walls the same gray-green in the hallway. The trim/shelving went a nice bright semi-gloss white. Very clean looking.

NOTE: I apologize for the dark pictures. It was a rainy-ish day and the only light source in the hallway and closet is a small bare lightbulb. To say we need a new hall light fixture is pretty obvious.

New doorknob, anyone? :)

And here I thought installing a doorknob would be the easy part. I had watched my dad install doorknobs and even Todd install the basement doorknob; both no problems. But of course when I go to install a doorknob, things go wrong. The small hole for the doorknob was too small for the metal piece to fit in, so Todd chiseled it a bit bigger with a power drill that was out of power. Thank you Todd! The rest was easy- just a few screws later and we had a beautiful new knob. :) It's the small things in life that can make me happy.

Now for the tour of the inside of the closet. First off, I hung a Mary Kay storage bag on the door for additional storage. My amazing friends pitched in to get this for me as a pre-bridal shower gift! Each clear bag comes off with velcro and has a zipper enclosure. The entire bag rolls up for traveling. I store nail polish, makeup and hair supplies in there. Very handy!

On each freshly painted shelf, I reorganized the items that belong in a hall/linen closet. (Goodbye quarter round trim!) I bought 8 adorable yellow wire baskets from Dollar Tree. I love pops of bright yellow in a space!

And to store all that bulk toilet paper on the bottom of the closet is this crisp white pop up hamper. This was also only a buck at the Dollar Tree.

Take it all in now:

And you are probably wondering about the cute labels, right? Well I got them from here. They come in all sorts of colors! I didn't have any white card stock, so I printed it on regular white paper. Then I used a glue stick to adhere the white paper to yellow card stock for extra durability and color. I used yellow ribbon that I already had to attach the labels to each bin.

You have probably forgotten all the before pictures by now so here it is again for easy comparison:

Enjoy and happy organizing in your home!


  1. What a huge difference! I love the dollar tree baskets the best. Now I need to go clean and organize our hall closet.

  2. Lindsey, love the closet and you inspired me to clean out our hall closet and underneath my bathroom all looks much better!!!

  3. Actually, Lindsey, the above post and this one is from me, Debbie...not sure why it's bringing up Dan...but I cleaned the closets and under the bathroom sinks!!!

  4. I need to get busy doing some of this organizing!


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