Sunday, September 9, 2012

Cooper Wedding & a Baby Shower

This past weekend was very eventful! Friday night I totally crashed after dinner and fell asleep on the couch. Teaching high schoolers can be very exhausting, believe it or not! Saturday morning I was up bright and early and got to the Amish market just as it opened. Since it was a Cheat Day, I bought tons of goodies, including those famous pretzel logs. Yum! I also got a quarter pound of chocolate covered bacon with sea salt at Todd's request. Early afternoon, Bobby and Ann showed up and we headed to the Wilson-Cooper wedding! 

The ceremony was at a gorgeous church in Annapolis. 

I have to say, this was the shortest wedding ceremony that I have ever been to. Right to the point! Kelsey looked absolutely stunning in a princess style dress with tons of bling. I didn't take any pictures of the ceremony because I didn't want to be "that person" (in their wedding photos holding up technology and making clicking noises and in general being obnoxious). 

After the ceremony, we headed on over to the reception! It was supposed to be a few blocks away but Todd got us lost so we took the scenic route through downtown Annapolis. The shops looked super cute and I hope we can go back someday!

We got to the parking garage and started walking down the block to the reception when it started pouring rain! It was also extremely windy because there was a tornado warning! We huddled under an overhang while my gallant husband went back out into the rain to get the car. Thanks Todd!!! :)

I had made a framed "Cooper" piece as their wedding gift. I didn't wrap it so it got a bit wet in the rain but fortunately, it didn't get ruined! The photos are from this awesome flickr channel; they have tons of images for each letter of the alphabet! They come square so I had to skew them a bit to get them to 4x6. I sent them to Target to get printed and unfortunately, they came out a tad dark (especially the "C"). Oh well. :) 

As for the card, I made that too! It was a lot of fun to make. I used bright pinks and black because those were the wedding colors. For the letters, I had scrapbooking paper that was covered in images of typewriter keys. I cut them out individually to make the letters. The rest of the paper were all scraps I had lying around so the card cost virtually nothing! I kind of like how the envelope and the gift form "Mr & Mrs Cooper" when read together. 

 The reception was a lot of fun at "The Party Table" aka "The Ghetto Table" aka table number 8.

And did I mention how gorgeous the flowers were? I love hydrangeas so much...

 And here is Jake and Kiersten! They are next in line to be married!

And Bobby and Ann, our carpool friends.

And Lauren, who was constantly keeping the world updated on every single moment of the night.

And Matt and Krista.


Wait, let's try that one again.

And here is Matt and Krista!

Here's my attractive husband and some more shots of our table.


Dinner was so fancy and delicious! When everyone was arriving, there were appetizers and mingling. The crab dip and fried mac and cheese "croquettes" were sooo yummy! For dinner we had bread, salad with pears, candied pecans and a crumble cheese and herbed chicken stuffed with some sort of spinach, crab cake, rice pilaf and green beans. Dessert was of course, wedding cake and a plate of finger food desserts. I had a mini eclair and a coconut macaroon thing.

There was a live band and Todd and I did a little dancing. Not our style too much but it was fun. After sending the bride and groom off in a fancy car to the ringing of bells, we took our lovely favors and headed home.

Sunday morning I was up again bright and early! I couldn't find anyone to go to church with me :( so I finished up all my lesson plans for the week. Later, I headed over to Claudia's baby shower! Of course, I had to make her a card too even though the invite said to bring a baby book in lieu of a card. It's so hard to bring myself to write in a book! 

I remembered Claudia telling me awhile ago that she was planning for the baby room to be in pinks and blues with a vintagey flair. I hope she didn't change that because that's what I went for with the card! Once again, I used all papers that I already had so there was no cost whatsoever. 

For the gift, I bought a pink fabric covered box for future storage. I filled it with all sorts of bath themed goodies. :) Unfortunately, someone else at the shower got some of the same things that I did. So much for following the rules and scanning those registry papers!


What a fun filled weekend! Now it's time to relax and do some organizing! Unfortunately, the kind of organizing I am about to do will not show any visible results; I will be organizing and sorting files on my external hard drive. 

Have a wonderful week everyone! :)

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