Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Murder Mystery Party

This past Saturday, Todd and I were invited to a Murder Mystery Party. It was a lot of fun! Each person was given a part of the murder mystery a few weeks before the party.

The year was 1948. The scene, a cocktail retirement party. My role was the embittered ex-wife, Ave. I had covered up a lot of scandals, including affairs and an illegitimate child, for my ex-husband, Ulysses (played by Fontaine), the head of the company and up for retirement. No one liked Ulysses; not even his (our) son, James (played by Todd). Ulysses was joined by his lawyer played by Les. His lawyer was to inherit the company, to everyone's dismay. The other roles included Connor (Eric), Ulysses' ex-partner and my ex-fiance and a drunk. Liz played Blanche, James' fiance and soon to be revealed, half-sister. Tim was a reporter and Dan was the detective. Our wonderful host and hostess played the butler and maid.

Todd and I didn't have any money to go all out on costumes, so we had to rely on what we already had. Todd's costume was easy; he just wore a button down shirt and vest. He also found a pipe in his man cave...

I didn't have a dress to wear! I went for a high-waisted skirt and pointy toe flats. For my top, I wore a lace sleeveless piece that had a tie up neck. Pretty accurate for the 40's however not cocktail attire. I whipped up some quick earrings (perhaps soon to appear in my shop?) and donned a large vintage looking cocktail ring. I happened to have a clutch I got at an antique store that worked pretty well. Todd persuaded me to wear my wedding wrap, even though it didn't really go with the time period. I was glad I wore it! It was cold out! As I didn't have a curling iron, I just twisted my hair up, trying to replicate the pin-up style as best as I could. I had like 30 bobby pins poking me in the head all night; I was surprised the pins held up as my hair is so heavy. For makeup, I extended my eyeliner (I had no liquid liner but just made do with my powder liner) and hoped that red chapstick would suffice in place of red lipstick.

Now back to the party. Becky put a lot of time and energy into making a great table of themed snacks! When you walked down the stairs to the basement, you were greeted with tons of paper bats. They must have taken forever to cut out!

Bloody lollipops
Caramel apples
Candy jars
Punch with an ice hand
Vampire bite cupcakes
Red velvet cake
Dip to go with tortilla chips

There was so much food! Unfortunately, I don't have pictures of everything. Becky also made some yummy white chocolate bark with candy corn and oreos as a party favor. She really thought of everything!

 Now back to the murder mystery part of the evening!

Ulysses, being a jerk and hosting his party. 
Our outstanding host and hostess
Ulysses back from the dead as a junior detective 
James and his fiance Blanche
Connor, with his war injury
Blanche, looking all fancy
Detective and junior detective, trying to figure out who done it
Junior detective coloring with a crayon
Still trying to figure out who done it 
Snooty lawyer
Reporter waiting to gobble up some more scandal
Blanche being arrested, proud detective and junior detective
Blanche being led away
A very disturbed James who just found out his fiance was his half sister
Detective with a gun because the criminal escaped
The end

After the murder was solved, some games and movies ensued. One of the movies being Clue.

Drunken Connor took his role a bit too seriously. (Don't worry folks, I didn't drink a drop myself!)

All in all, a very late, very fun night. 

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