Sunday, October 14, 2012

National Zoo

Yesterday, Carolyn, Becca and I headed to DC for a day at the National Zoo. It was a ton of fun! I could probably spend all day there and not see everything.

One of the first things you see when you enter is a giant wall with an awesome mosaic on it. 

There were so many animals that I don't remember all their specific names. I will do my best to narrate as the post goes on though!

Here is a baby cheetah, totally unfazed by all of us peering at him while he takes a nap.

Here are some kind of otter. They all had funny names that were food related. For example, the mommy otter was named Clementine. The only name that didn't fit was a poor baby otter named Kevin. They look kinda gross in this picture... like rodents but trust me, they really aren't that gross in real life. They were kind of cute as they scampered around and wrestled each other.

Here is an elephant. Did you know that African elephants far outweigh Asian elephants? And that Asian elephants can be extinct in our lifetime?

The pandas were a very popular exhibit and it was hard to get up close for a picture.

Here are some Hooded Merganser. They have funny shaped heads that are hard to see in this picture.

In the Amazonia exhibit (with Dr. Brazil, our cartoon tour guide), there were three turtles that were sitting in a row like ducks. The whole exhibit really reminded me of parts of the Baltimore Aquarium.


I was cringing as I was taking this picture. This is a tarantula!

This is a giant termite nest. Gross!

At the end of the exhibit, there was a giant bug made of tinier bugs. It was really hard to get a good picture because there was massive glass glare. The bugs were so colorful and iridescent that it was fascinating and yet gross to look at.

They also had a room with tons of terrariums for different types of frogs, toads, salamanders and more.

Next was the "cat" exhibit. The two male lions were in one exhibit together. They put on quite a show as they roared and swatted at each other. Boy, are they extremely loud!

Next to the male lions, were the lionesses. They were pretty chill.

There was also a tiger but I was not able to get a good picture. After the "cats", we headed to the Reptile House.

The sign said that this was the slowest moving turtle. To me, it looks like a fossil. 

These turtles were in a gated pen. They were GIANT! I could probably sit on the back of one, it was that big.

And this iguana/lizard thing was so camouflaged that I was astounded! Can you find it?


After the reptiles, it was time for primates at the Ape House!

Here is a little tamarin. The glare was really bad on this one... It looks like my little tamarin is holding a flashlight when it is really a pot light in the ceiling reflecting off the light.

They had a couple of meerkat exhibits. They scamper around really quickly! Until of course, they stand up super still.

The next exhibit held a sloth! I was so excited! I don't remember what the other monkeys were but they were pretty impressive looking. 

The last section we decided to do were the safari animals. I was disappointed that we didn't see a giraffe but it must not have been out because we walked everywhere... and giraffes are kinda hard to miss. At this point, it was getting late in the afternoon. It was getting dark and cool.

Check out the little cubs!

The one exhibit that we missed were the birds. We decided to do that another time since it was getting pretty late and we still needed to head home. Overall, a day full of animals and walking. It was a beautiful day, a high of 59* and sunny. I can't wait to go back! (And see a giraffe!)

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  1. No giraffes because the National Zoo doesn't have them! They are at the Baltimore Zoo though and you can pay $3 to feed them!


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