Sunday, November 18, 2012

DIY Upcycled Fabric Wrapped Frames

This week has been crazy-miserable. When you add a husband who snores to a husband with a cold, you get loud, whistle-filled nights. And minimal sleep. The plus side is that I was up bright and early this morning (at the crack of dawn) to get some projects done!

I have used so many different ideas and racks and hooks to hold my jewelry. My first jewelry storage solution was a bulletin board type thing. The problem was, it was located in my closet. Our closet doesn't have any lights and is pretty tight so it was really hard to find what I wanted each morning. My second solution was a thrift store find. It worked temporarily but I really needed my dresser-top space back.

Not to mention that I had wayyy too many necklaces and bracelets for this tiny thing.

The third (and hopefully final) solution? A wall display above the dresser where I can easily access my jewelry each morning. And something easy that doesn't require a lot of constant organizing. 

This is where my supply of cheap frames come in. I had purchased 10 frames for $20 at a local art store closeout. Sad for them but good for me! The frames were just frames- no glass or backings or anything. I had a variety of sizes, all white. Some were plastic and some were canvas and wood. 

I selected three and figured out how I wanted to arrange them above the dresser. (Goodbye photogram!) I then took an old sheet leftover from my DIY Upcycled Ruffled Tree Skirt project and some yellow scrap fabric and cut them into long, skinny strips. Using a hot glue gun to adhere the fabric to the fames, I proceeded to wrap the strips around the frame until all three were covered. For the two larger frames, I used the white sheet and for the smallest frame, I used the yellow fabric. The end result? Instant texture to add to our bedroom! (And did I mention, at no cost?!)

I did trim off the little strands of thread. If you want, you could spray it with an anti-fraying product or spray adhesive.

Before I hung them up on the wall, I measured where I wanted to add hooks for my necklaces. Since I didn't have any hooks available, I used plain old picture hanging nails and hammered them right into the frames. 

Here's the finished product:

And those lovely plants you see on my dresser? :) Those are the succulents that I planted in early summer for the front stoop. They have grown a lot since then! (Click here to see what they looked like right after planting.) I brought them inside so that the frost doesn't kill them. So far I have been enjoying the bit of greenery in our bedroom.

And to see the dresser project, click here

While I was taking these pictures, Todd took some initiative and replaced the bathroom doorknob!

I had bought a new doorknob for our bathroom over a year ago but never got around to installing it. Granted, the door still needs to be sanded and repainted but that can happen at a later date. Right now, Todd and I are enjoying being able to use the bathroom with complete privacy. :) Our bathroom doorknob before was falling out of the door because it was being held up by one screw... Oh- and did I mention that it was two different doorknob kits put together? One side was brass and other was silver. Ew.

When replacing the plate, the top screw got stuck and broke off in the hole! Anyone out there... any ideas on how to get it out? The tip is screwed in there and we couldn't find a way to get it out! Fortunately, the plate seems to be stuck to the doorframe with just one bottom screw. (Ignore the chipping paint... )

Brand new doorknob!!! I am going to go overboard here and post a lot of unnecessary pictures of our new doorknob because I am that excited about it.

Woohoo! Overall, a pretty productive Sunday. Happy Thanksgiving Week everyone! :)

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  1. So pretty! I've never thought of wrapping frames with fabric. I like the subtle shabby chic style it gives them!

  2. I enjoyed this wrapped frame tutorial. I think I need one!

    Newest follower :)
    Melanie @

  3. Great look! Sooo need these for my jewelry. Love the succulent planters as well! :)

  4. You just save me! Really! I've got like... twelve or more necklace I usually wear (and more that they've been forgotten) and it gets me crazy when I think how to organise them. Now I'm looking for some space in my bedroom's walls for making your idea real :)


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