Tuesday, November 20, 2012

One Year!

Exactly one year ago yesterday, Todd and I got hitched. :) Now, I didn't want a big wedding... I wanted to elope. However I will admit that our wedding was pretty fun, fires and all. (More on that later.)

But let's backtrack just a bit for those of you newbies to our life and blog.

Monday, June 20th, 2011, on my last day of school, Todd proposed. He was in my house with a photographer (our good friend, Kat) when I opened the door. I was so embarrassed about the messy state of my house that I couldn't focus on Todd and the proposal! Here are some photos from the day but you can read more about it here.

Todd and I had a great photographer, Danielle, who did our engagement shoot and wedding. She was a lot of fun to work with! We went to the National Arboretum in DC for our engagement pictures. Here are a few of my favorites but you can see the rest here.

Our wedding was done as inexpensively as possible and I spent my summer vacation doing a lot of wedding planning and wedding crafts. Our colors were browns and greens and our theme was a natural, picnic-type feel. We had BBQ catered from Red Hot and Blue and a s'mores bar. There were tons of candles and white lights to mask the ugly building we were in. The combination of the s'mores bar, lit candles and clueless (older) guests resulted in numerous fires throughout the night. Luckily, nothing was damaged and all fires were immediately put out. I did several posts on the different parts of our wedding day which you can view here.


Our honeymoon was a 7 day cruise to the Bahamas. :) If you love food, you will love cruises. To see all our honeymoon photos, click here.

Okay... Now that we have sufficiently backtracked, let's get back to our first year anniversary! This week we only had two days of school, Monday and Tuesday, for the Thanksgiving holiday. My original plan was to take off both Monday and Tuesday so that I would have an entire week off. Then I realized that the staff was going to get two free lunches/food events- one on Monday and one on Tuesday. No way was I going to miss out on free food events!!! 

Yesterday morning, I left a message for Todd on the bathroom mirror. I knew he wouldn't be able to miss it! I used a Crayola window crayon.

Todd really wanted to take me out to dinner for our anniversary however with him being out of work, money is extremely tight around here. Todd had the brilliant idea to cash in our change jars! Instant cash! We were sitting on eighty-something dollars worth of coins!!!

For dinner we went out to eat at Bertucci's. We were planning on going to Pasta Plus however they are closed on Mondays. :( Bertucci's is still one of my favorites though! (Their rolls are sooo yummy! We got two orders plus an additional order to take home!) I also signed up for their email club a week before hand so we had a $5 off coupon. 

Todd and I split a shrimp pizza. We were trying to branch out of our usual ordering habit of getting the Ultimate Bertucci which is topped with four different meats. The shrimp was good but I think next time we will revert back to the Ultimate.

Todd got a boring meat calzone for dinner and I had the Chicken Piccata. Sooo good!

When we got home, we opened our anniversary letters. At our wedding ceremony, we did a letterbox instead of the traditional unity candle. Todd and I wrote each other two letters. One we opened on our first month anniversary and the second we opened yesterday. Our parents also wrote us two letters, one that we opened on our first month anniversary and the second that we opened yesterday as well.

Lily joined us on Todd's leg while we read the letters. :)

We also got some nice cards from our parents and grandmothers in the mail.

Even after we read the letters, we were still stuffed but we managed to eat a bit of wedding cake. Yay for getting my freezer back!

You can scroll up in the post to see what the original wedding cake looked like. It was lemon with buttercream frosting. It still tasted pretty good!

After cake, we watched the Hunger Games. After the first ten minutes of the movie, I promptly fell asleep. What a great day filled with Todd... and tons of food! Happy Anniversary to us!

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