Monday, November 5, 2012

Punkin Chunkin & Grandma's Birthday!

This past weekend was full of family fun! Immediately after I got home from school on Friday, Todd, Banner and I left for my parent's house in Delaware. My cousin, Logan, his wife, Melody, and my Aunt Jill had picked up my Grandma from New Jersey on their way down from Pennsylvania. When we got there, Banner immediately pooped in my parents' cat's bowl. Lovely. My mom didn't think it was very funny but everyone else thought it was. (It might be funnier if you knew that Banner has been feeling down lately due to a herniated disc in his back. He's been on strict bed rest for the past several weeks. Earlier last week, we thought he was feeling better because we came home one night and discovered that he pooped right in our cat, Jose's bowl.)

My mom made a great dinner of spaghetti and meatballs. Mhmmm... I love pasta! We had apple pie, ice cream and these cute bite-sized candy corn sugar cookies that I made for dessert. I used my favorite sugar cookie recipe, which you can access here. Follow the directions here and here for how to make them look like candy corn. I won't bore you with a tutorial since there are plenty of those out there right now. I think they were a pretty big hit since the whole batch was gone in a matter of minutes! (I apologize for the poor photos; I was in kind of a rush to take these pictures!)

Later that night we played Scategories. Aunt Jill and Logan had some pretty wacky answers which made the game really fun and interesting!

Early Saturday morning, we left the house at 7 am for Punkin Chunkin! Punkin Chunkin is an annual event in southern Delaware where people go to watch different machines, catapaults, etc throw pumpkins. The contraption that throws the pumpkin the farthest, wins. The Discovery Channel had a camera there and people come from all over to camp out. Punkin Chunkin also had a carnival-like section for the kids with rides. There were also booths for vendors and food.

Although Delaware is a really small state, it still took us about an hour and a half to get there. Punkin Chunkin is located in a really remote farm area; the actual event is on a plowed cornfield! No offense to anyone but there were a lot of "country" people there. I felt like a total "city girl"!

We passed some strange houses on the way; both strange in how they were designed and in how they were decorated. In the first photo, do you see the door that only leads to certain death? And in the second photo, the garland of red cups?

Here is a view of the cornfield that we were at:


Driving in to the parking lot, we passed the section of Punkin Chunkin-ers that paid extra to camp out. There were tons of open trunks filled with alcoholic beverages... It seemed like each camping site had it's own mini bar! I have also never seen so many Redneck and Confederate flags in my whole life.

When we turned in our tickets, we each got a wristband so that we could come and go as we pleased.

When you entered Punkin Chunkin, you were greeted by a fence that sectioned off the VIPs from the rest of us. The VIP section had the machines. There were canon-type ones that were really loud when they shot pumpkins out. They pushed the pumpkins so fast and hard that you couldn't even see them shooting out! There were ones that spun the pumpkins around before slinging them... I think those were my favorites. The day was pretty cloudy so it was hard to see any pumpkins in the air. You had to really look close; the pumpkins looked like a little poppyseed in the sky. There was one dud; you could hear my dad yell, "I SAW THAT ONE!" because it didn't make it very far. :)

Chunk Norris!!! I think there were two named Chunk Norris. Funny, nonetheless.

I also had a lot of fun people watching. Punkin Chunkin seemed like an excuse for adults to dress up in random costumes. We didn't get the memo though.

This guy took a cheese hat and spray painted it orange and drew black lines on it to resemble a pumpkin.

This group of people had stocked up on ammo! (They are beer cans, if you can't tell.)

These two guys had rigged up their own humorous version of a pumpkin slinger. 

The weather was only 49* (low); when I checked before we left, it said it would be in the 50s. None of us took into account the wind chill, which was 17 mph! It was freezing because there were no trees or buildings to shield us from the wind! We had brought a blanket to sit on but I quickly wrapped myself up in it. Logan went and bought a face mask from a vendor to keep warm. Funny part was, when the camera finally came around to us, all you could see of Logan were his eyes! He really wanted to be on camera too!


Here are some shots of us, Punkin Chunkin-ers!


Todd and I were the first to cave into the cold. We are also the least prepared, dress-wise. We headed back to the van to wait for the others and to warm up. When we got to the van, the parking lot had turned into a giant frat party! From the car bumper stickers, it seemed like a bunch of Salisbury students had driven over, just for tailgating. There was so much drunken and disorderly conduct that it was disgusting. Don't believe me? Take a look for yourself...

The car directly in front of us had at least seven people piled in that back seat. There was a kid who kept coming out of the car, smoking pot. I felt so bad for the other cars in the parking lot because these immature kids kept running into and sitting on random peoples' cars. Hopefully there wasn't much damage done.

Check out the guy in the very patriotic shirt. And the girl dancing on top of the truck roof while all the guys are trying to grab her while standing in the truck bed.

 America's lovely college students...

Don't worry though; not all the partying was being done by college-aged kids. There was this one vehicle of older guys (probably in their 50s), trying to fit in.

Annnddd there was this guy who decided to just pull down his pants and pee, right next to our van. He probably thought no one was in the van. Minutes later, this girl pees on the other side of the van! I started banging on the window at that point... I mean really- there was a row of porter potties less than a row of cars away! The girl was totally embarrassed and kept trying to laugh and brag it off. Here is her squatting, if you don't believe me!

My dad, Logan and Melody came back at that point. Melody shared her pumpkin funnel cake with us. It was delicious!

On the ride home, we stopped at Chik-fil-a for lunch because Logan had never had it before! We also stopped at the Dover raceway where Nascar has races. Logan and Melody wanted to get in to take some pictures but we weren't able to because everything was blocked off.

While we were at Punkin Chunkin, freezing our butts off, my mom, aunt and Grandma were at the mall shopping. (No sales tax!) Fortunately, Banner had behaved himself all day and there was no more pooping in the house. :)

For my Grandma's birthday dinner, we had a spiral ham and baked potatoes. For dessert we had cake, leftover apple pie and ice cream and Aunt Jill's amazing pumpkin roll.

I made a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Cake for my Grandma's birthday. It's a chocolate cake made from a doctored cake mix. It also had a whole package of chopped Reese's cups. Yum! The frosting was a light peanut butter and I put chocolate chips around the edge for a garnish at my mom's suggestion to add more chocolate. :)

Here are some family party pictures! We couldn't find birthday candles, so we used a giant tapered candle. 

Grandma got some nice presents! Todd and I got her a little black, sparkly pill box (because she kind of collects them). She got a pair of crocheted slippers from my aunt. She also got a shirt, stationary and some other small items I can't seem to remember.

After dinner, we played Apples to Apples and then Todd and I headed back home with a sleepy Banner. All in all, a fun weekend spent with family! It was so fun, that we decided to make this a tradition and do this every year. I already can't wait until next year!

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  1. I loved reading about your fun weekend and the pics are great! It definitely looked like the "redneck" place to be...I would have thought you were in NC!!!!


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