Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Highlights

Christmas break flew by this year! It's hard to believe that today is the last day of the year. Wow. And I have to go back to school on Wednesday. (But I don't wanna go back!!!)

I guess this is the part where I reflect on our year. Our very eventful year. We adopted Banner into our family, Todd broke his foot and was on bed rest for six weeks and immediately after, Banner had a herniated disc in his back and was on best rest for six weeks. Todd lost his job and we learned what the real blessings in life are... right in time for Thanksgiving! And we celebrated one year down in our marriage. 

But specifically, here is a breakdown of our highlights by month. In January, I created Todd's favorite mac and cheese recipe... Macaroni & Cheeseburger. Tastes just like a cheeseburger!

And Todd and I came to some sort of agreement on the decor for the basement bathroom. (On a budget, may I add!)

I also created my very first wreath. Let's just say it got me hooked on crafting. :)

For Valentine's Day, I tried my hand at stained glass cookies. And guess what?! They were a pretty huge hit!

In February, I also attempted my first furniture refinishing project- a dresser. I love the look of dark wood and white paint... Don't you?

In March, Todd and I tackled our nasty kitchen floor and replaced it with vinyl parquet flooring.

March was also the start of our first PB&J party where we made bagged lunches for the homeless and those without meals. And for our workers? Why, PB&J Blondies!

And French Toast Muffins. 'Nuff said.

April marked spring break and some much needed landscaping. It was needed so much that a neighbor came up to me and thanked me for working on the neighborhood's eyesore.

I also built a desk in a closet in just one weekend... all by myself!

May was the start of our low carb diet. A popular recipe (and a delish one!) was our low carb pizza crust using lots of cream cheese and eggs.

June was a month you probably all remember... I got a new camera for my (quarter of a century)
birthday! Bring on the better photos! Todd and I also went to the Baltimore Aquarium.

The end of June brought a lot of projects. Yay for summer break! I did an owl-themed baby nursery mural for a good friend...

... transformed an old rocking horse into a zebra...

... and whipped up my very favorite, go-to cupcake recipe for Lemon Yogurt Cupcakes.

July started with me chopping off and donating my hair and Todd and I taking my first ever trip to Myrtle Beach for his birthday.

Mid-July, Todd and I and a bunch of friends spent the day in DC just eating top rated food from food trucks! It's an annual event called Delicious Day that Todd and his friends started a few years back.

I mastered low carb Chocolate Chip Cookies and getting rid of pet odor (for free!) from furniture.

And Todd helped me build a new headboard for our bedroom.

August was back to school. Right before going back I cleaned out and organized our linen closet.

I went to my first (and maybe last) Renaissance Festival in September.

Todd and I were honored to be invited to the Cooper wedding and I baked some tasty PB&J Cookies, all before September ended.

I found a totally free and totally awesome dresser which I refinished in October.

October is also the perfect time to go to the zoo. The National Zoo is also the perfect zoo to go to because it's free!

October closed with our first Murder Mystery party and Pumpkin Pecan Cinnamon Rolls- the perfect combination of fall and sweets.

November was Punkin' Chunkin' in Delaware for my Grandma's birthday, our one year anniversary and my first time cooking Thanksgiving!

Before November was out, I was already in Christmas mode so it was fitting for our small group to do Operation Christmas Child together.

December was full of Christmas projects galore! I DIY'ed our Christmas tree, gifted Santa Hat Chex Mix and baked up a storm! We also were able to see both of our parents on Christmas day!

Not to mention that this past year I received the Liebster blog award for newbie blogs by three different bloggers! Thank you ladies so much! Several of our projects were featured on other blogs (several of which I admire greatly) and were pinned to the infamous Pinterest. How exciting! I also hit 100 followers... Woohoo! Thanks for all your support, views and comments!

Whew... What a year! Full of trials and blessings but Todd and I wouldn't have it any other way. :) Welcome 2013!!!

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