Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Baking Day & Ugly Sweater Party

I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas (or whatever holiday you and your family celebrate). I have so many pictures to share with you guys that I hardly know where to start! But let's see... Last weekend was a busy one! Friday, I didn't get home from school until dinner-time because of Bible Study and then a student was working on a project. Todd and I finally had some time to ourselves and we went out to dinner. (For those of you that don't know, Todd and I barely see each other with his new job.) By the time I got home, it was almost 9 PM and I didn't have any of my ornaments made for our ornament exchange the next morning! I had to get to work!

Right now I am on a DIY ornament kick. Or at least I was before Christmas came and went. I had made a polymer clay ornament for a previous exchange and decided to do so again for Saturday's. I made Kayla a Christmas tree that looks like a sugar cookie. Yum!

And I made Lyndsey a gingerbread star, also out of polymer clay.

I was most excited about Melissa's ornament. I had this planned (in my mind, hah!) for weeks now. Melissa and her husband, David, had just built a house! I helped them move in a week before. I replicated their house into a simplified ornament. (The picture of their house was before the shutters were installed.) Want your own ornament? (I know, I know- Christmas is over.) You can purchase a custom ornament from our shop, here. You know... you could also attach a magnet on the back or place it in a shadow box. :)

By the time the ornaments were done, I was pooped! It was about 2 am and I needed some sleep! The next morning, I was off to Melissa's new house for a baking day! We had been planning this for over a year now so we were all super psyched.

Lyndsey helped me make Cinnamon Roll Cookies.

And she helped me make Lemondoodles. (Think Snickerdoodles but with lemon zest instead of cinnamon.)

Lyndsey had already made her Snowman Cookie dough before coming. Melissa and I helped her to roll the bodies and stick M&Ms and mini chocolate chips in 'em once they came out of the oven.

Lyndsey added a Hershey Kiss hat and a scarf with frosting. Aren't they adorable?! I forgot to take a picture of them before bagging them up. Oops! Some of their hats came off!

Melissa made sugar cookies. We all busted out our sprinkle collections for that!

Unfortunately, my gingerbread-sugar-cookie-boys came out looking more like ghosts than anything else.

By the time all this was done, it was getting to be 6 pm! What a busy day! I headed home (with my share of the cookies!) to take the dog out and change into my tacky, ugly sweater for the Bright's Ugly Sweater Party. 

As usual, Becky had a fantastic spread and lots of fun games planned. She had a hot chocolate bar with regular and white hot chocolate, both homemade, of course. :) There were candy canes, cinnamon sticks, marshmallows and chocolate chips to add to your hot chocolate. There were ginormous marshmallows covered in chocolate and crushed candy canes that looked divine. She also had eggnog, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic.

The spread included Adam's famous ham, gingerbread cookies, cinnamon sugar cashews, pigs in a blanket wreath with tasty barbecue dipping sauce, cake and a cheese plate.

There was a station where you could vote for the person with the ugliest sweater. No voting for yourself!

And there was a photo booth! Becky made cute little props to wear/hold.

Here are some photo booth shots. :)

Unfortunately, you cannot see and therefore appreciate the ugliness of my sweater. It was several sizes too large and featured lovely Christmas-themed decals all over the front. I also made sure to wear a fashionable turtleneck with pink snowflakes and a scarf with a giant santa head with a 3D nose at the bottom.

After mingling, we played some games. For the first game, everyone had to make you guess what card you were wearing. You couldn't say anything on the card... think Taboo.

Eric was the time keeper. He quickly switched to using his phone instead of counting by hand.

The second game we played you had to sit in a circle for. The first person asked a question to the second person. The second person asked a question to the third person. The third person had to answer the question from the first person and give a question to the fourth person. And so on and so forth. Confused? I was. Very. Oh and to make it funnier, all the questions had to be personal in nature.

That last photo looks totally gross, right? Well, it was.

Todd didn't want to hear the answer to one of the personal questions.

And the votes were tallied annnnndddd Tim was declared winner! Check out the ugliest sweater of the night. Tim got a mug with some fuzzy socks.

Todd got second and I got third. Todd got some cookies and I got COAL.

Our party favor for the night was a bag of peppermint hot chocolate and a bag of chocolate covered pretzels. Very yum. :)

What a weekend! I hope your days leading up to Christmas were just as eventful and fun as ours!

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