Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas 2012

This year, Todd and I were able to see both of our parents on Christmas day! That was pretty awesome since Todd's parents live in North Carolina and my parents live in Delaware. We were also able to see my Grandma from New Jersey! Yay for family!!! :)

We started by traveling to my parents house on Christmas Eve after Todd got off of work. On Christmas morning, we had breakfast... Jersey bagels! (Oh, how I have missed those!)

Then for Christmas time festivities! 

Check out some of my favorite ornaments from growing up.

Banner came along with us and looked all fancy in his candy cane striped sweater.

Before we all opened presents, I gave Banner a shoe to keep him busy.

It was super cut to watch him carry it around the house.

Oh, how I love my dog! (And he loves me back... the most!)

We also got Banner a giant bone.


Hehe... Banner kept knocking into things carrying that bone around! 

My dad and Todd each got Santa hats. So manly, right?

And then the presents commenced! Check out Todd's wrapping skills... or lack thereof.

Todd and I each agreed to only do small gifts/stocking stuffers for each other this year because money is tight. I got lots of great goodies such as glue sticks for my hot glue gun, Sharpies and a dollhouse washer and dryer!

My mom got a really pretty fall fabric tablecloth from my Grandma.

My dad got some new shoes that won't scuff the floors from my mom. And a hat. With ear flaps.


And my Grandma got a purple scarf and cat brooch from us.


Banner got some presents from my parents' cat, Mia. He helped open them.


Banner accumulated quite the food collection, specifically burgers and a hotdog.

And he got another bone. This one is more appropriate to his size.

Okay, okay. Enough with the dog pictures, right? 

Okay. I'm done now. :)

I gave Todd some of his favorite candies (Butterfingers, Reese's cups and Mike & Ikes), an awesome shirt (he said it was his favorite gift) and some Axe sprays. I got a really great deal on those sprays by the way... They were on sale for $9 and I had a $3 off coupon. Just sayin'. I also got Todd a candle with a scent called Man Town. Smells like cologne. 

Banner liked Todd's stocking. :) I think it was a bit small for Todd anyway.

And Todd got me a new cordless drill with drill bit set with ebay money! (Or some online cash he had.) 

My parents got me some slipcovers for our living room chairs. They don't fit perfectly but you really can't tell unless you are looking closely. From afar they look pretty decent. Hopefully these will protect our chairs from our cats!

Todd and I got my parents a giant candle.

For Christmas lunch, my mom made lasagna with ground meat and macaroni and cheese. Yay for carbs!

For dessert there were plenty of Christmas cookies and my Grandma's traditional Napoleon Creams.

After lunch we did our annual white elephant gift exchange of junky/funny gifts and then we played Skip Bo before Todd and I headed home...

... where we met Todd's parents! We ordered Chinese for dinner and opened some more gifts!

I think Todd will be the best smelling person for awhile!

I got a ton of great things from Todd's parents but to name a few, I got an air freshener with refills, ornaments and a delicious smelling marshmallow candle!

We gave Todd's parents the same candle that we got my parents.

Todd got a ton of Superman stuff. (The shirt was from Christmas last year.) 

Todd and I were both so glad that we were able to fit in both of our families! Later that week, we traveled upstate to stay and visit with Todd's grandparents and his Grandma. We were also able to spend more time with his parents and two of his uncles. I was able to meet two of Todd's cousins and their families for the first time! Overall, a very fulfilling holiday week! I hope all of you were just as blessed. :)

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