Thursday, December 13, 2012

Weekend with the Guisbert's

Last weekend I traveled up to Pennsylvania to visit my Aunt Janet and cousins, Michelle and Colin. I hadn't seen Aunt Janet and Michelle since my wedding a year ago and I hadn't seen Colin since before college... like eight years or so! Crazy!

Friday afternoon after school (and taking the dog out), I headed to my friend, Cindy's house. We went out for dinner at an amazing thai restaurant. We had a good time catching up; I also hadn't seen her since my wedding! We watched a movie (Two Weeks Notice) and I spent the night. 

In the morning, I headed to my Aunt Janet's house, about an hour north of Cindy's. About half way there, I get a call telling me to meet my Aunt Janet and mom (who drove up the night before) at my cousin, Colin's house. I was excited to see Colin- he had gotten married and now has four(!!!) kids! But going to Colin's meant I had to backtrack... back to where Cindy lives. Yay.

We all went to have cookies with Santa at the hospital where Colin works. His kids are so well behaved. And adorable.

After Santa, we all headed back to Aunt Janet's house where we spent the remainder of the day baking cookies. Michelle met us there a little after we arrived.

My mom made marbled chocolate chip bars. (Stay tuned for a recipe on those.)

We all pitched in to roll rum balls. (No rum, just rum flavoring.)

And we had green cinnamon sugar cookies. For some reason, the majority of the cookies we made involved rolling.

And spanish peanuts covered in a chocolate mixture.

I couldn't go to a baking day and NOT bring my sprinkle collection... well, some of it. :)

We had a ton of fun decorating sugar and gingerbread cookies.

My unicorn:

A lot of them turned out quite scary, which of course made everything funnier.

Like my mom's angel-turned-ghost.

We had to embellish the broken cookies, of course. How convenient that so many broke...

I see gingerbread men...

And I see cows...

... cows in a field.

Dividing up all of our sugar and gingerbread cookies was quite a task... There were so many!

Yum! And we can't forget about the macaroons.

Me and my cousin, Michelle. :)

What a crazy-fun weekend of catching up, family and friends, baking and travel. My favorite season. :)

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