Thursday, February 28, 2013

DIY Free Dollhouse Groceries

Did you say FREE?! Why, yes I did. :)

I found several awesome websites that offer completely free printies for dollhouses! Time to stock up that mini kitchen! It's super simple. All you do is save the files you want to your computer by right clicking on each photo and selecting "Save As". Then you print on regular computer paper, cut out, fold on the lines and glue the flaps. I use a clear sealer on my printies before cutting but you can do that after constructing them, if you prefer. 

Here are the websites I used:

Let's take a look at what we have here...

Did I go a little overboard? Perhaps. But my dollhouse is pretty sparse and there was nothing in the cabinets. Plus, accessories help to make it look more realistic, right?

I started off taking close-ups of everything. And then I stopped. It was. too. much. Plus, I wasn't very satisfied with the photos I was getting. As you will soon see, they were turning out unfocused and grainy. Add a macro lens to my birthday wish list please! :)

The soda box opens and closes and all the cans fit inside. The top of the can even has the little tab printed!

I made a plethora of pet supplies since I have one cat and about twenty million dogs living in my dollhouse. (All fake and plastic of course!)

And did I really need to make all six boxes of Milk-Bones? Nope. :)

And how many boxes of detergent does one house with no people need anyways? Or no clothes for that matter...

If my little invisible people are ever in the mood for Italian, they can whip up some invisible pasta. My favorite is the can of parmesan cheese. :)

And not in the mood to cook? Why, just order a pizza!

The popcorn is one of my all time faves. The little bags have so much detail in them! You can either fold them and place them in the box like I did or you can puff them out so that it looks like freshly popped popcorn. Yum.

And chips. Oh my goodness. One of my favorite food groups.

Of course we need a sugary beverage to wash all these carbs down! Enter hot chocolate, another one of my faves due to the detail. Unfortunately, the printing on the individual packets are not showing up in my blurry photos (sorry!!!) but hopefully you get the idea of how awesome it is. :)

I am sure after eating all that junk food, my invisible people will want to diet. Here come the veggies! (And french fries.)

Woah. Check out my stocked freezer! There are tons of frozen treats and frozen foods (such as burgers, burritos and two pies).

Sadly, the large amount of food did not make it's way into the fridge. But who needs anything else other than bacon and cheese and berries?

Here's some food stacked pretty haphazardly on the shelves. I need to really get in there with some wax and tweezers and stand all those boxes up. Besides the junk food I already showed above, there are boxes and boxes of cereal and baking supplies.

And who said I was done after all that? I have yet more to assemble!

I figured it could wait though. :) After all, I could barely contain my excitement for this long! I hope you guys love these little groceries as much as I do!

Interested in seeing my dollhouse so far? Click here. Interested in some other dollhouse tutorials? Go to my DIY/Archives page; link in the top bar!

Happy FREE mini grocery shopping!!!

P.S. A few of the sites have different sizes available so that you can make printies for your Barbie or American Girl doll... or whatever scale you need!

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  1. This is awesome! I have actually hand drawn things for my daughters little playhouse but this makes much more sense and it looks so real! I absolutely love it! Thanks for sharing the links...I will be bopping over to check them out!

  2. These are so darn cute!! I want to make some now too! Thanks!

  3. The ten year old me that still lurks within is supremely jealous :) That's awesome! And so tiny!

  4. I love everything miniature. These are so cute. I don't have a doll house or kids so I have no reason to make these but I want them anyway.
    Thanks for stopping by via GYB.

  5. Can't find the sodas what website was it on?

  6. Which site had the popcorn? I can't seem to find it and one of them isn't available anymore. Thanks

  7. hi. I would like to know what type of glaze to be used to paint the boxes?

  8. I would love some please

  9. I think this site is great doll house is my hobbies sue

  10. would like your advice on the pet food supplies as would love to try and do these x

  11. I can't find where I need to click to get the printables for the above items. Please help!! Thanks.


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