Wednesday, March 27, 2013

"I'm a GIANT!" Birthday Bash & Handmade Muppet

Last weekend, Todd and I hosted a big birthday party for our friend, Justin Fontaine. Fontaine wanted the party to be themed around "I'm a GIANT!". This meant lots of mini foods... so you could pretend to be a giant while you ate them. Sure; why not?

(Curious as to the above photo? Read on!)

We started out with tonssss of mini food. I was really worried we wouldn't have enough food so I made more than originally planned. No need to worry though; there was plenty to go around with leftovers to boot. It's always better to have extra than not enough!

Todd and I made mini popsicles from toothpicks and Mike & Ikes. How cute are they???

I made mini cinnamon rolls from canned crescent rolls. (Stay tuned for a future recipe post!)

And Todd made (yes, I said Todd!) mini peanut butter covered apples. They are supposed to resemble caramel apples... I just didn't want to go through the extra time and effort to make caramel sauce. Todd dipped them in rainbow sprinkles and mini chocolate chips. We used wooden coffee stirrers as sticks.

I also had Sweet & Sour Meatballs in the slow cooker and we purchased a giant box of Bagel Bites from Costco. Fontaine contributed a box of chicken and cheese sliders.

And since I thought we needed more food, I made what I now refer to as Awesome Sauce! Mini Sandwiches. (Recipe to be posted really soon! Trust me, you will want to come back for it!) Boy were these sandwiches delicious!!! Todd even gave them a 9.something (out of 10) for his "Todd Rating".

I also put out a batch of Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies. They were gone in a flash!

But here's a picture of the spread before everyone arrived. Nothin' too fancy. :)

When everyone started arriving... we received more yummy food! Kenny and Amanda made mini taco bowls.

Adam and Becky brought pigs in a blanket and amazing bacon wrapped tater tots. I mean, when you wrap anything in bacon, isn't it automatically amazing? 

{Insert random picture of Banner eating his dinner. We discovered he likes to sort his food before he eats it.}

Courtney brought some totally adorable mini plates, bowls, cups and utensils. I think the cups were my favorite! 

Nicole brought some candies and cupcakes. Gorgeous strawberry ones. 

Tim even brought mini soda cans! 

Love that picture. 

After eating, we each shared a funny and humiliating story about Fontaine. Sounds like a great birthday party right? Don't worry, we aren't horrible friends... This was at his suggestion!

After much laughter at Fontaine's expense, Courtney broke out the game of What? If you like Apples to Apples, you will really enjoy this one! The difference is, you ask preset questions or you can make up your own. Instead of picking cards, you write your answer down. I think you can imagine how entertaining the answers can be. :)

After one full round of the game, it was time for cake! In the spirit of mini food items, I made Mini Hostess Cupcakes! Aren't they just adorable?! I even found some candles that spelled "Justin". 

Thennnn... the moment I had been waiting for! Gifts! Adam and Becky gave Fontaine a Green Lantern bouquet of mini alcoholic beverages which was totally in line with the "I'm a GIANT!" theme.

Another random shot of Banner enjoying the festivities.

Todd and I have been promising Fontaine the most amazing gift he will ever receive in his life for months. We have finally been able to deliver on that promise. I spent one entire weekend making a muppet version of Fontaine... because Fontaine likes The Muppets. And silly things. And himself.

I started by cutting and gluing foam into the basic puppet shape.

I then cut out the pattern (purchased many years ago) from some soft beige fabric...

 ... and sewed it together.

Yay! A deflated puppet!

I added the foam to the "skin" along with facial features out of felt.

Yay! A naked puppet! I added a store bought black shirt and hot glued a Green Lantern symbol to the front. (FYI, this puppet wears preschool size shirts.)

Oh yeah. And I added "Lil' Fontaine" to the back. :)

Now back to the par-tay! I had Fontaine close his eyes while I brought Lil' Fontaine downstairs.

I think Fontaine liked his gift. :)

I think Banner liked it too. Banner proceeded to try to bite it and bark at it every chance he got.

Once things calmed down a bit, Fontaine made a nice "thank-you-for-being-my-friends" speech. Everyone laughed at it even though it was supposed to be a serious moment.

After that, the party continued to the basement. :) Overall, it think it was a successful birthday bash and fun was had by all.

Now on to plan our next extravaganza... Not sure what that will be but I am positive that it will not involve constructing another puppet!

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  1. That is ridiculously awesome!!!! The giant theme is brilliant and the food was perfectly creative!!!! Ha! I have never heard anyone use that theme before!! And the puppet is super!! Boy are you a creative lady!!! Looks like you all had a wonderful time!!!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Looks cute, congrats :)
    Vintage Inspired Girls

  3. What a fun party theme! I love the mini-treats! I can see the puppet becoming the life of the party too! Looks like a great party! Thanks for sharing at the Rock N Share! Blessings, D

  4. What a cool birthday idea! Would have never thought of anything like this!

    Jenna @ Rain on a Tin Roof

  5. That is amazing! A giant theme is awesome! Never thought of that! Those mini popsicles are the cutest! Love everything about this party. You're one clever lady ;) Thanks for linking up to Give Me The Goods Monday. Hope to see you this coming Monday ;)
    Jamie @


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