Tuesday, April 30, 2013

DC with the Cousins!

Friday evening, my cousin Logan and his wife, Melody arrived at our house for the weekend from Pennsylvania! We had a blast together playing Ticket to Ride and 7 Wonders. Saturday morning we headed to DC to check out the monuments and an awesome live butterfly exhibit at the Smithsonian. 

We drove to the closest metro station and then metro-ed into DC.

We headed out into the bright sunlight and walked to the mall. Boy was it a gorgeous day out!

Unfortunately they were doing a bit of scaffolding work on the Washington monument so we weren't able to get up close.

We walked over to the WWII monument. I had never been there before. We were disappointed that the fountains weren't on. I guess they were doing some spring cleaning!

Next we walked down to the Lincoln memorial. It was so crowded!

We went underneath the Lincoln memorial and checked out the museum area. I had never been there before either!

We saw all sorts of weird people lounging and trying to get a tan on. For example, take this guy in the red shirt and blue shorts.

What a lovely view, isn't it?

On the way back to the mall, we stopped at the Smithsonian. I really need to just spend a day there. Right now they have a butterfly exhibit. You can pay $6 to go into a room with live, free butterflies! Logan treated us and bought all our tickets!!!

Before you go into the little butterfly tent-like room, there is a large mirror... Mirror pic!!!

The rules were also posted here. For example, do NOT touch the butterflies. I as so upset when this little girl kept touching the butterfly wings once we got inside. I even told her once, very politely of course, not to touch them! Her mother was even encouraging her to touch them! Then I saw a dead butterfly next to her. I was so sad.

Butterflies that attach themselves to your body and clothes are called "hitchhikers". I got a hitchhiker... on my rear. :)

By then it was almost 2 pm! We were all starving. We walked up the street to Hill Country BBQ. If you love meat, you will love this place. Plus, they have pretty awesome bathrooms.

Todd and I split a meal called The Pitmaster. It's a sampling of the different meats they have with two sides. Todd got an extra side of mashed sweet potatoes and I got cornbread with honey butter.

I was stuffed but Logan and Mel split a mini pecan pie. It was so adorable!

Before we headed back home, we walked further up the street to Chinatown.

There was this fight brewing between two guys outside the Verizon Center. Todd went to go check it out... He is usually able to break up fights because he is so big. This random guy shoved a giant tub of popcorn into Logan's hands, saying, "Hold 'dis." He ran off to the fight to watch... not even to help break it up! It was pretty funny. We were all pretty bewildered. When the fight was over, the guy came back and took his popcorn back like nothing out of the ordinary happened.

Guess you had to be there. :)

We were pretty exhausted by this point, so we hopped back on the metro and went home. Todd estimated that we walked close to four miles after looking online at the distances. What a workout!

The rest of the weekend we played more games, went to church, brought Logan to Chipotle for the first time and walked around a local historic town with all it's antique stores and shops. The exhaustion I am suffering from this week was totally worth it! Todd and I had a ton of fun and we can't wait to visit them this fall!

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  1. The butterfly exhibit would be so cool. That shot is just gorgeous!


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