Monday, May 6, 2013

DIY Dollhouse Accessories from Jewelry Charms

A week or two ago, I found some totally adorable charms that were 50% off at Hobby Lobby. I immediately thought that they would make perfect dollhouse accessories! 

For the dollhouse mailbox, I used an envelope charm. I cut off the metal side loops with wire cutters and filed the sharp edges down with a nail file. I attached it to the side of the house with some sticky tack. I love how it opens and closes! Now I just need to make some cute mail and packages. :)

I did the same thing for the globe and binoculars. I cut off the metal loops with a wire cutter and filed the sharp edges with a nail file. The globe actually spins! It's so much fun!

I opted to leave the metal loop on this charm box to act as a handle. I also left the loop on the key as a key ring. The lid opens and closes and has a magnet inside to keep it shut. 

Lastly, I picked up this charm for only a buck! I kept the metal loops on the sides and threaded thin ribbon through each loop. I glued each ribbon end in place with a drop of contact cement for an instant opening purse. I plan on making a hall tree or hooks near the door or stairway to hang it on.

I love how easy these accessories were! If you liked these ideas, I hope you will check out our other dollhouse tutorials under the DIY & Archives page at the top.

Have you found any good dollhouse finds lately?


  1. Those accessories are adorable!!! They look like they were made for your doll house :-)

  2. Yet again u amaze me with these small details. Love it.

  3. Great find, love the mailbox! Your site is great, very creative! On my blog you asked about where I find some of the accessories I use for my minis, I usually order from Aztec but like you, I find things all over the place! Aztec is cheaper but you have to get a business ID and order a certain price point each time. You also commented on my adoption video, I am blessed to have a daughter who is a photographer and does videos! I am hoping she will be glad to have that along with pictures we took in China. Nice to connect with others whose lives have been touched by adoption! Bless you!, Kim

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  5. Hi
    All those mini items we can`t get in Denmark, where I live.
    Also items used for scrapbooking and very useful in the Doll House are not to be found in Denmark as the hobby has never turned into the multi million $ hobby as for example in The States.

    If possible could you please help me to a website here I can buy the little ites and also to a web site with scrapbooking items.

    Thank you so much for kind help.


  6. Hi
    All those little items, charms etc. I can`t get in Denmark where I live.
    Also items from scrapbooking are no-no poddibility in Denmark as the hobby of scrapbooking never ha smerged into a multi $ hobby like in fx. The States.

    Can you help me o a website where I`m able to buy allthose iyems tht you`ve got also a website for scrapbooking items if possible.

    Thank you so much for kind help.


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