Monday, May 20, 2013

HELP with Exterior Paint Colors!!!

Our house is peach. Yes. Peach. It isn't the most attractive house color in the world but it's not the worst either. (Growing up, there was a BRIGHT mint green house down the street from us. I called it the Toothpaste House. That's the worst right there!) Here is what our house color looks like right now:

Eeeekkk! I have been looking forward to this summer foreverrr because this is the summer that we are going to get our house painted! Ideally, we would like to move in a year or two so getting the exterior a little more presentable will definitely help bring in the buyers!


I have no clue what color to paint our house. 

Help, please? :)

I would like to keep the shutters black. I don't need another thing to paint!

Also our neighbor (to the right, in the picture) has an off-white house. I don't want anything too similar because I am afraid that our houses will visually merge together. Or is that just irrational?

Annddd... The trim is probably going to get a fresh coat of crisp white.

Here is my top fave right now; cream with a kelly green door and charcoal gray shutters. I know it just contradicted everything I just stated. 

I also really like this color palette; I think it's tied for my top fave. It's a warm, light gray with an avocado green door. The shutters stay black in this option.

Here are the other possibles:

Charcoal gray with black shutters and a powder blue door?

Charcoal gray with black shutters and a black door?

Warm, light gray with black shutters and a warm, darker gray door?

Ahhh! The possibilities are endless! What do YOU think?!

* I apologize for my offensive Photoshop skills in this post.

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  1. I like your choice, or light grey, the others may look a little dark I think. I like the avocado green door too, very chic!

  2. They are all great choices. I really like the second one you shared the best. :)

  3. Hi Lindsey! Okay, here is my opinion, for what it is worth. I like a medium grey exterior (photo #3) with the black shutters and a bight YELLOW door with a white frame. I would choose a grey that will tie in with the satellite dish so that the dish is visually camouflaged and doesn't detract from the facade of the house. It would also disguise the conduit pipes that run across the top of your house. A light color would help brighten up your corner but by looking at the home of your neighbor you can see what 'light' looks like after a number of years have gone by. I like the the traditional americana door fame and by painting the house darker,it will highlight this architectural feature and by painting the door a bright yellow, you will get the hit of color that your dark corner will need. Very Chanel! Also, later you might consider running a low hedge of boxwood right beneath the window which grows and fills in quickly and is easily maintained and stays green, is inexpensive and softens hard structures so well. I have used boxwood extensively in my own gardens and they grow in even the worst soil and are also good in individual pots that you could take with you when and if you move! So there it is, my opinion only and I hope that it will be of some use to you. Painting your home is not cheap even if you do it yourself and I know how important it is to feel that you have made the right choices the first time around. All the best Lindsey and Todd!


  4. Hi Lindsey, I had a house similiar to yours, I painted it a dark gray-blue, with black shutters, and a red door, it was very pretty. Good luck!

  5. Nothing look better with black shutters than a light yellow house. I wanted to paint our house light yellow, but the house next door was, so we went with an olivish green (it looks nicer than it sounds).

    I grew up in an off-white house and will never ever live in a house that color again! And my parents repainted it off-white--because it's good for resale value. Note: they have been in the same house for over 40 years.

  6. My vote is for the charcoal gray with black shutters with an avocado green door. Have fun painting!

    hugs xx
    Crystelle Boutique

  7. I like #2 the best. The gray is not too dark and not too light. It contrasts well with the shutters in black. The green door is like a smile on your house - cheerful!

  8. Yep, the second choice is my favorite too! :)

  9. Definitely gray with black shutters! And I'd love a bright pop of green, blue or yellow on the door, plus some nice landscaping - a total transformation!

  10. I vote for the bottom picture with a red door instead of dark gray!


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