Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Sugarloaf Mountain

Saturday, Todd and I headed out to Sugarloaf Mountain for a short hike with Banner, our lil' beagle. :) We opted not to do the full hike up the mountain. Instead, we drove up to one of the top overlooks and hiked only one mile to the highest overlook.

When we got there, we were surprised to see a limo. It must have been quite difficult for that large limo to get up the small and steep windy road! Before we knew it, a bride stepped out! There was a small wedding ceremony at the overlook that we parked at. How beautiful! 

Todd told me to snap some pictures. I was a little nervous about it since I didn't know them... hence the awkward photos for you all to enjoy.

I was a little worried about bringing Banner hiking. After all, he is a pretty small dog. But Banner surprised both of us! He scampered up the trail no problem- rocks, logs and all. He was so excited (and so fast... and so strong... ) that he practically dragged me up the mountain. 

I was surprised at how quick we were able to get to the top. We really wanted pictures at the top overlook but people were eating their lunch there... and wouldn't move. We tried our best to take pictures around them.

Can't you see how thrilled Banner was to be in the pictures? :)

There was also a place where you could go down some steep rocks with a rope. It was a pretty scary drop! Banner kept lunging to go down there. It took all my strength to hold that little doggie back!

I thought the trip down would be easier than going up. No. Way. It was more difficult because there was less to hold on to! Annnddd I had to hand Banner over to Todd because Banner kept dragging me down steep inclines. It was so scary!

When we got back down to the overlook where we parked, we were able to take some more pictures since the wedding crew was gone.

Overall a fun hike. Short and sweet. :)

Banner passed out on the way home in the back of Todd's truck... on top of all of Todd's stuff. 

I can't wait to plan another little hike! I have a few places in mind already... :) Hopefully we will get to go before it gets insanely hot out!

What did you do this lovely Memorial Day weekend?


  1. Awesome day out! your hiking area looks amazingly similar to a mountaintop lake here in NY.

    Great shots ;)

  2. Hi Lindsey! Looks like it was great weather for a hike and for a wedding! I like the photo with the tree roots crawling all over the surface of the earth, totally cool! The view was breathtaking and it looks like you can see forever. The photo of Banner passed out after a full day of play was precious! Your weather seems to be nice and warm unlike here in Vancouver where we are only getting nice weather a few days at a stretch then back to the cold!? So weird. Thanks for showing us a fun-filled day with both you and Todd in the sunshine!


  3. Hey you!!! Looks like such a fun time! And those steep areas with your sweet pup would freak me out too! What an outstanding way to spend the day and what a view!!!!


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