Sunday, October 13, 2013

DIY Dollhouse Holiday Garland & Card Bulletin Board

I know it's only October but Christmas is in the air! I love this time of year... pumpkins, hot chocolate, scarves, oranges and burgundies... But I love Christmas even more! Yesterday I managed to plug through and finish my literature review paper early, despite a nasty cold and the endless rain. So what did I do with my extra time? I spent last night and today working on some holiday minis! :)

Goodness... I really need some better lighting and a macro lens! First of all, I love my mini fireplace. Our tiny townhouse does not have one... nor is there really room for an electric one... or even a faux mantle. One day, my future dream house will have a gorgeous fireplace and mantle to decorate. But in all reality, my dollhouse is probably as close as I will get to owning my dream house. 

But back to my mini fireplace. I made the sides out of scrap pieces of molding and trim that I had leftover from some house project. (Real house project, not mini dollhouse project!) I used those ugly plastic beads that are fused together for trim to make the detailing on the mantle. The rest of the fireplace are pieces of popsicle sticks I trimmed down to size with some scissors. Nothin' fancy. I painted the whole thing a distressed white and filled the inside with cut up sticks to resemble logs. 

So funny story about those logs... I was walking around in the edge of the woods picking smaller sticks off the ground and from the trees while wearing my pajamas when one of my students and her mother come up to say hello. Just lovely timing people! I guess I can get away with it being an art teacher. Art teachers are all pretty weird. :)

To make the circle garland, I used a simple hole punch and some decorative scrapbooking paper. I used a toothpick to apply white glue to one side of a circle. I placed some thread (I used metallic copper!) on top of the glue and then pressed another circle on top of that... kind of like a mini sandwich. 

For the bulletin board, I used some cork board that I found in the scrapbooking paper section in Michaels. They had a few different options so I chose the smaller size cork pieces to best fit in with my dollhouse scale. The frame is just strips of mat board that I painted a distressed cream. The cards are just images I found in Google that I copied and pasted into a Word document. I then rescaled them until they were about .3 to .6 inches in width. I used a clear gloss on the fronts of the cards and adhered them to the board with the tiniest dab of hot glue.


And voila! Quick holiday decorations in mini! The trees you see there are mini bottle brush trees that I found in Michael's in the miniature tree decorating aisle. I can't wait to decorate them! They had a couple of other nifty things that I picked up for my dollhouse as well. Hopefully I will have some more spare time in the next few weeks to show you those goodies!

In the meantime, enjoy fall and the anticipation of Christmas!


  1. This is a great piece, I love card boards, its like a showcase and a decoration all in one ;)

  2. Hi Lindsey! I love everything about these projects! Your fireplace turned out so well and the infill of mini logs really works! I love the bulletin board and the tiny cards and the very clever garland too! All of it together looks Wonderful and the story about getting caught in your p.j.'s is Priceless! Ain't that the way it Always seems to go!? :))


  3. Cuteness!! It turned out so perfectly!

  4. I think it's great! And LOL to the student and her mom saying hello to you in your PJs. That's Murphy's Law. If I try to run to the store in sweats or something, I always run into someone I know. :)

  5. Everything looks adorable, Lindsey! You've inspired me so much! I want to make some minis too! Finding the time is always the problem, though. :-( Great job! xo Jennifer

  6. I LOOOOVE FALL and will welcome Christmas when it comes. These are so stinkin' cute, it's unbelievable how you're able to make such tiny, realistic replicas. Great job!

  7. I have that same little jewelry box in my mini house.

    I adore how your fireplace turned out, and the beaded trim around the top is genius.


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