Monday, November 11, 2013


I feel so ahead of the game right now! Today is Parent Teacher Conferences so basically I have all day to plan. Right now it's 1:30 and only three parents have stopped by. I spent the morning getting ahead on homework, catching up with grading and editing some pictures.

Yesterday, I realized that I had allllll afternoon to get stuff done around the house. Usually I am doing something for school or doing last minute homework so having extra time was a nice surprise. I decided to do a few updates to brighten up our entryway.

Our foyer is basically 3x3 feet. There is room to open the door and then ta-da! You are right in the living room! Since moving in three-plus years ago, I had spray painted a mirror that was a great-aunts (or something) with a metallic bronze. I also repainted the door a bright white and replaced the knob and lock with new hardware. Other than that, the decorating pretty much came to a stand still.


I bought a small owl-themed coat hook from Ross for $6. I didn't want to go out and buy new screws and wall anchors so I used ones that I already had. Even though they are visible from the top, it doesn't look all that horrible. The hooks are great for holding our umbrellas and jackets.

On the other side of the door, I got rid of the clunky side table and replaced it with a giant hamper I got for $20. Todd refuses to keep his rather large shoes upstairs in the closet like a normal person so I had originally gotten him a basket to keep shoes in by the door. Well. His shoes are so big that they just didn't fit! I would come home from work and literally trip all over his shoes walking in the door. Solution? Giant laundry hamper! Plus, I really like how the top closes so that you don't see the mess. It also provides another flat surface to put stuff on. 

I also installed a mini ledge that we had in storage in the basement. This is where we can put our keys and sunglasses when we walk in the door. I also moved a lamp next to the door so that when we come home, we can just flick the switch instead of stumbling across the room in the dark trying to find the darn lamp.

The end result? A success!

On the long-term to do list for the foyer? New flooring and a new rug. I am currently working on the mood board for the living room so stay tuned for that. I am super excited to tackle that space! But in the meantime, here are some more Before & Afters of the foyer...

Now the ottoman. Todd and I got this massive ottoman off Craigslist about a year ago for only $20 or so. It's solid wood and looks handmade. The top comes off for tons of storage. We had it up in the bedroom for a long time but after getting rid of some living room chairs that were just too big for the space, I decided to move the ottoman downstairs.

I got a canvas drop cloth from Lowes for $10 and sewed a super simple cover. The nice thing is that it slips on and off fairly easily. It's also washable which is wonderful for all the pets who love to jump up on it to look out the front window.

The basket is Todd's old shoe basket. I stuck some of my pillows in there. Can you believe due to a pricing error that I got each pillow for $3.98 each?! Yay Target!

I also love how the canvas matches the canvas liner in the laundry hamper turned shoe storage. Here it is again, all together!

Simple, quick touches are a great way to update and brighten up a space! Happy Monday!


  1. Loving your updates! This proves that even small changes can make huge differences!

  2. It looks fantastic friend! Everything is so fresh and light and organized!!! Well done and I hope that conferences went ok!?!?! Loving this!!!

  3. So pristine and organized! I love the owls. Great job!

    I keep baskets for my daughter's shoes, because they can't ever make it to her room.

  4. Hello Lindsey,
    Wonderful little changes. the space looks brighter and fresher. Good job. I wear a size 15, so please tell Todd I sympathize with the shoe husband has tripped over my shoes more then once!
    Big hug,

  5. It looks great! The little changes make a huge difference when you don't have much space to begin with.
    I feel you on the tiny entry way/foyer. Our computer&desk/ "office" reside in ours, as it's the only "public" space it will fit. I so wish I had a cute entry way. I've been tossing around ideas in my head on how to have a fully functioning area and make it look cute.

  6. Hi Lindsey! I love the way the mirror turned out and now with the new owl coat rack under it, it has even more Presence and takes care of the scarves etc. in a tidy and effective way! I also love the wicker hamper solution. Shoes all over is not the best look and can be a potential tripping hazard. I have 2 dogs that leave their toys where ever they drop and I find myself walking through a minefield of doggie toys which catch me off guard many a time. Your ottoman solution is a great new look for it with the canvas cover and the throw cushions on top. Are you going to install some casters to the bottom as well?
    You have so much energy and your efforts at your home redecoration are Incredibly Smart and Always Pretty! Well done Lindsey! :D


  7. love the changes, looks cleaner and more eclectic!

  8. The changes make a huge difference. It's all coming together and looking very stylish!


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