Monday, May 12, 2014


Hello all! Lately Todd and I have been talking about moving to a bigger place. Unfortunately, this will not be able to happen for a few years because of that darn thing called money. So in order to make the most of our small space, we, I mean, I have decided to redecorate and incorporate more storage.

Now I have never gotten around to "officially" decorating our living room/dining room. I have added some pieces here and there but I never sat down and made a "for real" design plan. So here we are! Here is the living room space when I first moved in four years ago:

A nice blank, albeit dirty, slate. Here are some "in progress" shots taken after Todd and I got married and "settled in" two years ago:

Alright. Now back to the design plan! 

I want to keep the cost down as much as possible and to do that, I will have to use a lot of what we already have. So the wall color is staying. Good thing it's my favorite color in the whole house! It's Valspar's Cliveden Gray Morning. Mhmm... love those gray/taupes/greens. Our sofa is also staying. I think you all should know that my dream sofa is a beige/cream sectional from Pottery Barn... but reality is, our olive green sofa cost us only $300 brand new, with recliners on each end. So for $300, I think I can deal. But a girl can dream, right? :) We also already have the white drapes, curtain rod, mission-style TV stand, bronze finish mirror, owl hooks and canvas covered ottoman. We also already have the teak corner cabinet and secretary desk, although I do want to change the finish from a dark stain to a painted cream color to make it look less heavy. We also already have the tray on the coffee table with the green depression glass that I use for candle holders. We also already have the pillows! 

As for the new items, I found two fabrics that I both love and match our space. The circular floral print will be wall art above the sofa. I already have a giant canvas as the base for that. The other leopard print fabric will go behind the glass doors to hide the clutter in our teak cabinet. I included some distressed barn wood and cream frames to replace our black ones. As for the Home Sweet Home, I like how the color of the letters is the same as the wall. I would like to do something along the lines of Count Your Blessings and put this on the wall going up the stairs. 

The coffee tables are Ikea hacks using the simple lack side table. There are two stacked on each other with the legs cut down so that the table is the appropriate height. I really like the look of two square tables to make one coffee table. We will use wicker baskets on the shelf underneath for storage. 

The rug is my one splurge purchase. Not sure if it will really happen but I included anyways. Why not, right? The rug are FLOR carpet tiles. I think carpet tiles would be ideal. If something spills or there is a pet accident, I can just replace one tile instead of the whole rug. Big cost up front, more affordable in the longterm. For enough tiles for a 5x7 rug, the cost comes to around $230. Yikes! I love how the random cow print is funky yet subtle. I may even try a DIY version with plain carpet tiles. We will see.

I think that about wraps up the living room. Now on to the dining room, which is connected! Same color scheme and fabrics; here is the design: 

Like the living room design, we already have a lot of the items for the space. We already have the teak table, white chairs, milk glass bowl, black frames and white frame shelves. The frames and shelves we will be taking from the living room. 

The short wall has a window. Take a look at it in my "before" picture:

Each side of the window will be flanked with Ikea kitchen upper cabinets. I will make a valence using the same fabric as the living room that will hang between the two cabinets. Under the cabinets will be two Ikea bookshelves and a countertop made of plywood or wood planks. To create additional storage, a burlap curtain will hang in between the bookshelves. To hide some more of my crafting clutter, we will use wicker baskets instead of having my supplies visibly displayed on the open shelving. This area will be my new crafting area/studio space. It can also serve as a buffet when we have parties or people over. 

The leopard fabric will go on the wall next to the kitchen opening. I will cover cork boards and insert them into long frames to make decorative bulletin boards. I may put some nailhead trim on it to match the bronze finish of the living room mirror and owl hooks. 

So there are the basic plans. What do you think? :)


  1. I really love your plan! And it's great that you have nearly everything! RugsUSA has great deals on rugs and sign up for the e-mail to get their promotions. Check out indoor/outdoor rugs. There is also a company out there that sells tile rugs and they have a catalogue that they send out like PB, but I don't remember their name. Su

  2. Hello Lindsey,
    I love your design ideas very much. It might not be your dream home, but where you live has great bones and you have some beautiful furniture to work with...I like the sofa! Keep at it and most importantly have fun redecorating.
    big hug,

  3. Good luck, looks good! I want a bigger place too, but lack of money is my problem too..
    But a redecoration is a great idea! Hope we get to see a nice "after picture" soon =)

  4. Ohhhh I can not wait to see the progress of this one lady!! Such brilliant ideas here!!! And doing it all with the budget in mind is fantastic! I know it will be beautiful after seeing your kitchen!! Happy day to you! Nicole xo

  5. I love your ideas for future stuff and the ones you have incorporated. It has a modern yet cozy feel. Have fun and please share more pics. :-)

  6. Veo que lo está pasando fenomenal. Lo tienes todo muy pensado. Espero que nos enseñes el resultado final .


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