Sunday, June 29, 2014


Wow, two days in a row posting! I must be crazy! You will really think I am crazy after reading how long it took me to post this project. So remember back to last summer when I was in a small group for my church called Pinteresting? One project was making a yarn painting and I chose to do a chandelier. You can check out photos from that night along with some step-by-steps here. I didn't finish that night but I did finish about two months later (right before fall). Annnnddd then it took me until now, almost a year later to post the final results. Yikes. Time flies! 

Here are some close ups of the final result. 

And for more info on the mason jar candle holder, click here! (Another Pinteresting night craft!) 


  1. Hi Lindsey! I think that this was a great project and the finished piece is really beautiful! Congratulations in getting it completed even if it took a while to post the results. :D I am certain that you and Todd have had lots of time to enjoy it and now we can too!


  2. Hello Lindsey,
    that is mental! Terrific job. It is such an elegant piece of artwork.
    big hug,

  3. It really turned out beautiful, Lindsey. It's very sophisticated. And I love it against your background color. Tres Chic!

  4. Beautiful! And how long did it take me to post this comment, super long.. but sometimes we just have other things on our mind than blogging ;)
    Thank you for the step to step pictures too!


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