Saturday, July 19, 2014


I participated in my first ever miniatures swap with the wonderful Jennifer from Plushpussycat! She was a dream to work with and I was honored to have her collaborate with me for my very first swap. Jennifer suggested that we list some items that we would want the other person to make so that we don't end up with items we will never use. What a brilliant idea! Unfortunately, since I am not picky when it comes to Jennifer's miniatures, I told her that she could send me anything. This miiiiggghhhttt have confused her a bit. :)

Let me show you what I made for her!

First off, I made a bowl of handmade soaps. I also made the moss plant. Very shabby chic indeed! I made the two throw pillows in coordinating colors.

Next is a green leafy plant in a terra cotta planter. I made a Yankee candle in the traditional scent of Home Sweet Home. I also made a fancy pedestal dish that holds three trendy nail polishes.

I made another, taller pedestal flower dish that holds two pink toothbrushes and a half-used tube of toothpaste. Sorry for the not-so-great-quality photos here. Whoops!

Geez. My iPhone takes some pretty close up pictures... Dust and all. Next up are some large black and white cookies, one of which has a bite already taken out of it!

I also threw in some fun holiday items... just because, why not? I included some candy canes and other miscellaneous ornaments. Hopefully Jennifer will be able to use them or can give them to someone who will!

I sent it all in a box wrapped with pretty green and white checked paper. I included a card with a sunflower on the front.

But let's get one thing straight- my card was nowhere near as awesome as Jennifer's handmade card! Check out the one she sent me in return!

Isn't it just super adorable? You can buy them here. Jennifer really spoiled me with gifts! First off, she made me this gorgeous flower. The leaves are bendy so I can arrange them however I want.

She made some rubber gloves and a cute sponge for my kitchen sink.

And she sent some neat tart pans, a fun ladybug and a handmade rolling pin. I love the polka dots!

Jennifer made some delicious chocolate cookies, one with a bite taken out of it (... or two or three bites!) I appreciate how the polka dot doily matches the rolling pin. She has such great attention to detail!

This waffle set is totally awesome! She sent two chocolate waffles with sliced strawberries and whipped topping. One has syrup drizzled on top that came from the little glass pitcher. Jennifer included some linens and two teeny tiny forks. Just yum.

Jennifer made a pink tea towel with lovely lace detailing and a heart cookie cutter.

She even made three books that open and have real paper inside! They are all cookbooks and have a vintage theme. I also love the milk and dark chocolate bars. More bites are mysteriously missing!

Jennifer also generously sent me other fun items as extras. There was a nifty ivory nativity set...

... some perfume labels...

 ... and a chalkboard with a cork border.

She also included some boxes of wax paper, aluminum foil and plastic wrap. Now I can really stage some baking scenes!

I love the metal hand mixer! I enjoy the real-size ones so it's a ton of fun to have a mini one! She also included another book called Modern Hospitality.

And the final few items she sent included a mixer of some sort, funnel, bundt cake pan...

... knife and strainer. All the items are made of metal so they are nice and sturdy.

Oops! Forgot this gem- Jennifer sent a bag of walnuts!

Thank you Jennifer for participating in my first ever miniature swap! Jennifer's precise craftsmanship and thoughtfulness blew me away. If you have never checked out Jennifer's blog, Plushpussycat, please go take a peek right now. Don't worry; you can thank me later! :) You can also check out Jennifer's post on our swap here.

If anyone else in the US would like to do a miniatures swap with me, I would love to talk to you about it!


  1. Jennifer is a great and very generous woman, felicidads for sharing, enjoy!
    A big hug.

  2. Great swap, Lindsey! Jennifer is so talented and kind. I am sure you will enjoy everything. I am off to check out her post about it.
    Happy Sunday,

  3. Everything came out so cute. I love the little miniatures. This was a fun swap!

  4. Congratulations on a wonderful swap with Jennifer. You both send fantastic treasures. Jennifer is a very talented wonderful person. Enjoy your beautiful gifts.
    Hugs Maria

  5. You guys are seriously talented!!! Everything looks so real!!! I think you should sell these and then think about doing a line for ouside fairy houses! Happy week ahead to you friend! Nicole xoxo

  6. Hello Lindsey,
    I know 2 young ladies who spoiled themselves! Everything you both made is terrific. what fun!
    Big hug,

  7. Hi Lindsey, Your minis you made for Jennifer are fantastic, I especially love that Yankee candle! Very cute! Her minis are great too! Lucky you!
    Thank you so much for visiting my blog.
    Have a great week,

  8. I loved our swap so much, Lindsey! Thank you for all of your fantastic gifts and for this beautiful write-up! I'm looking forward to another swap in the future. :-) xo Jennifer

  9. I have experienced the generosity of Jennifer too, and know how much I enjoyed her gifts as well, so I know that all of these fun treats will find a place in your doll's house as they have found a place in your heart! Your gifts to Jennifer are wonderful Lindsey and how clever are those tiny nail polishes, the candle, the soaps and the cookies!!!
    Have lots of fun with them, ... both of you! :D


  10. You both send great stuff =) I love the soap you made =) And Jennifers card is so cute!

  11. OMG! What kind of phone do you have! It takes great photos!! The gifts you made are so cute. And I'm sure the Christmas things are going to be very useful soon! :)
    The gifts you received are fantastic too. Jennifer is such a sweetheart. Just like you! ;0)


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