Friday, August 22, 2014


Ok, the big announcement! GRAD SCHOOL IS OFFICIALLY OVER!!! Well, "officially" in about 2 hours at midnight but it's pretty close. :) So this school year will be my sixth year teaching art! ... This is also my third classroom in those six years. Grrr... So much moving and "starting over". Welp. Here's the most recent room!

So you walk on over to room 124 and this is the image on the door that will greet you. It's supposed to be a Keith Haring inspired theme but I think it needs to be changed. I already have a quart of primer, just need to find the time! 

I will have to paint the back of the door too. 

Once you walk in, you are greeted by a giant, cheery yellow bulletin board. I went with yellow as my theme because it makes people happy. 

Gosh darn it but it's kind of difficult to take pictures in a room with "laminated" items. The glare is incredible! And the lighting is pretty horrendous. I apologize.

But I love my iPhone. I saw several of these THINK acronyms on Pinterest and thought they would be handy to have since we are now in the digital age and my ultimate goal is to have a flipped classroom. The geometric border is from Michaels and I got it when they had 50% off all teacher decor items. 

Next to my giant smartphone is my "What the ?#@*&%!" wall. This portion is to hopefully get students to think about why they may use inappropriate language and the consequences that can stem from it. 

I have had the "Stick to the Rules" and giant glue bottle theme for the past few years. I need to redo the signs on it though to match the rest of the fonts going on in the room. Also, these are looking a bit rough. So I have 3 rules that align with the word ART. I love acronyms. :) The other items are policies from the county and school. I just printed them out and put them in plastic sleeve protectors. (I loooovvee plastic sleeve protectors. They can make any piece of paperwork look instantly fancy and legit.) The border is from the Dollar Tree.

Each class gets their own bulletin board. The previous teacher painted them all black which is wonderful! There are a few touchups to do but that can wait for when the school year starts and things calm down a bit. I got the dry erase poster from Michaels a few years ago; it is actually made by Crayola. I use it to write the daily objective on. 

Near every outlet, I posted these signs this year. Students are allowed to use their PEDs (personal electronic devices) in my class during designated studio times however they should come to class prepared. To me, that means coming with your phone pre-charged and ready to go!

This year, I am also going to focus more on composition with my lower level classes. So I made some reminders that they can easily access.

Now this picture is really washed out and horrible but I think you will be able to get the general idea. This is my Feldman Model board that provides a basic overview of the process. I am really excited to delve into this with my art history students this year!

Annnddd I have no clue why my watermark logo isn't in the corner of the image. Just too tired to go back and fix it, haha.

And I had the revelation of a lifetime when I thought of the perfect way to display power point printouts. I put them in plastic sleeve protectors (of course, duh!) and then attached them to the bulletin board with a push pin and jumbo paper clip. This way, the students can flip through the pages without damaging them (so I can reuse them next year). They are also in plain view to reference AND it doesn't take up a ton of valuable board space. I'm a genius, right? (Please tell me no one has thought of this before!)

I found an old picture frame in the closet and I recovered the cardboard backing with some yellow paper and added some extra border pieces. I inserted it back into the frame and ta-da! Instant dry erase board. This will showcase the items I will be accepting for extra credit. 

In the middle of the room, there is a materials table. It's just a large, bulky desk. Since there are no drawers to the desk, I put bins underneath with additional supplies.

Now onto the back of the room. Here is my desk area! I put a giant cubby in the front of it where I can collect and distribute student work. There is a bin for each class period.

The large cart can be used to store items from my desk area. This way, I can just pile all my valuable desk supplies on there and push it into my locked closet. Or, I can use it to do demonstrations on and just wheel myself around to all the tables in the classroom. Handy, right?

In the back corner, I placed two large and tall tables. This is where student work can be laid to dry. This is also where I will be cutting paper. The paper cutter is on the table and the paper that I use most frequently (besides my colored construction paper) is on the rolling carts in front of my paper closet. The long, gray desks will hold some Apple computers. I am just waiting for my department chair to hand 'em over to me! They will be perfect for research.

The other side of the back of the room houses my supply closet. The door holds aprons. Some of the hooks are broken so I need to purchase a few more. And maybe paint it to jazz it up a bit. Those metal cabinets in the back are labeled for each class period. Students will store their projects, portfolios and sketchbooks in them. 

And back to where we started. The lone wooden desk is Siberia. Or where I shall send a child that needs space. I never had to use my Siberia table last year so the hope is that I will not have to use it this year either! Just in case though, there is is. The large cubbies are for larger projects that won't fit into the cabinets, such as sculptures.

And here are some panoramas for you!

My room is a work in progress. There is so much left to decorate but it will be a long term process. I mean, you never know if they are going to move my room again! 

Here is my bulletin board display in the hallway. Sorry for the dark lighting but there are no windows in our hallway. It's so gloomy. I got "The Earth without art is just 'eh'" quote from several Pinterest sources as well. Each yellow and white paper lists reasons why art is important. So many reasons! I am sure that there are more that I couldn't think of. 

And with that, I am off to do some curriculum planning! Gotta figure out what to do with the kiddos when they come Monday morning! Here's to a great school year! 


  1. You have a wonderful space to create in! Its all looking fantastic I am sure the students and you will have a great time using art and being creative.

    Best of luck in this years venture!

  2. Thank you so much for picking my card as one your winners from the teddies challenge, it is such an honour.
    Thank you for all your hard work in making the challenge so successful, it's a shame that the challenge is ending but I can totally understand your reasons and wish you all the best.
    Sue xx Obat aborsi

  3. You did such a beautiful job friend! And how awesome that you are not only teaching art but you are teaching these kids to be good people!!!! I am loving all of the yellow in your space and how you organized your room! The bulletin boards are rocking!!! WOW do you have a lot of space!!! Good luck with the new year ahead....and congrats on being done with grad school!!!! Nicole xoxo

  4. Hello Lindsey,
    I wish my art ro0oms would have been as inspiring as yours. You made a very creative space, and I think, a very young space which will help your students come out of their shell.
    Big hug,

  5. Hi Lindsey! I hope you had a fantastic first day/ That is a big big room. I can see how annoying it would be to have to move after you do a room just the way you want it. But I think you'll just be beautifying the space for the next teacher. You have that decorating thing down. A lot of people don't know how to do that. So just think of yourself as a classroom designer. Have a terrific year!

  6. Congrats, congrats on finishing grad school!!!! What an accomplishment! I hope you celebrated, I mean really celebrated. You deserve it. You have such a wonderful space for teaching, I pray it's a great year for all your students. Remind me, you're teaching HS? You brave brave girl lol I know you love what you do and those students are definitely feeling the love and effort you put into teaching them. Best wishes! Amanda :)


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