Tuesday, February 17, 2015


This past weekend, I took the quick drive up to the Philly area to visit with two of my dear friends from college, Karen and Margaret. We spent Valentine's Day together at Longwood Gardens, viewing their annual Orchid Extravaganza. It was absolutely gorgeous! Here are some snapshots from our day together...

Here is the giant greenhouse type room that you first enter. There are a ton of smaller rooms that branch off of it; kind of like a giant maze of flower rooms. I wish I could have captured how brilliant blue those flowers were at the entrance.

Lilies used to be my favorite flower back in high school. This area was heavily fragrant.

There was an awesome room with stained glass ceilings and two huge, elaborate chandeliers! Just stunning. This room had a pipe organ. You could go into the room behind to see all the pipes.

This room had a large pool of shallow water that had potted trees in it. Very calm and serene. The pool was lined with chairs and many people were simply sitting and enjoying life.

Some nice man saw us struggling to take a selfie with all of us (and the flowers!) in it and he offered to take some pictures of us. All the square format pictures in this post are from either Margaret or Karen. Love this picture of Margaret and I! :)

They had these pretty in pink mini hydrangea bushes. I wish my mini hydrangeas had half as many blooms each year!

Now onward to the Orchid Extravaganza Room! Who knew there were so many varieties of orchids? Although orchids are not my favorite, there were some really beautiful and unique ones there. The room was literally lined with pots of different species of orchids... Not to mention the numerous other varieties around the rest of Longwood.

In the hallway to another set of rooms were these large plants that looked like moose heads... you know, from hunting. 

We also ventured into the fruit and veggie room. Swiss chard and mini pineapples, anyone?

Sometimes, you forget to look up at the ceilings too.

And up the walls.

Lovely curtain of hanging foliage.

And the cactus room! They had teeny tiny ones and giant ones that reached to the massive ceiling!

I thought this one looked like it should be in a Dr. Seuss book. I also thought it kinda looked like my lint roller. Cute little guy; just needs a pair of stick-on googly eyes!

Back to one of the many main rooms. Look at that height! The years of cultivating it must have taken. How wonderful would it be to have the exterior of my house look like that? Sigh...

Here are those potted trees in the shallow pool of water I was talking about before.

And now onto the interactive children's portion. There were many fascinated adults in there too, including us of course!

And nearing the end of our floral adventure...

Until next time, Longwood! Maybe that next time will involve warmer weather so we can explore your exterior gardens! 

What did you do for Valentine's Day? 


  1. What a dreamy place!!! Thank you for inspiring me on this cold day friend! There was so much goodness in every shot!!! HOLY COW!!! Such a treat! And that kids area is just wonderful! So glad that you were able to take all this in with your friends! Happy week you!!! Nicole xo

  2. Hello Lindsay,
    What a breathtakingly beautiful way to start my day. the pictures are fantastic. I'm glad you had a good time...it sounds like a lovely Valentine's day indeed. I want one of those chandeliers.
    Big hug,

  3. Wonderful shots! Oh the heady aroma must have been amazing! The whole place was a feast for the eyes, I am happy you enjoyed your visit with friends ;)

  4. Hi Lindsey, Fantastic photos! What a glorious experience it must have been! I spent Valentine's Day at the beach with my hubby. The weather was sunny and warm, and the ocean was gorgeous. Thanks for sharing (and asking!). xo Jennifer

  5. Hi Lindsey! I can't get over the incredible color combinations that are in some of the plant species. This conservatory has an amazing collection and displays the flowers with creativity and imagination. I love the living green wall and the fern-looking trees in the shallow pool; quite lovely!
    It must have been wonderful, getting together with your college friends and spending the day in such a pretty place, and memorable way to Celebrate Valentines Day! :D


  6. So many wonderful pictures! And wonderful flowers! I love flowers, and especially Orchids. But I'm bad at taking care of them.. I have killed 2 of them so far...
    I have to practice I guess =) I long for a garden, but I'll try to grow some flowers and vegetables on my balcony this year =)
    I'm glad you got to spend Valentines day with your friends in such a wonderful place!

  7. That's the place to get lost in the winter! It's a really gorgeous collection of plants. You have really beautiful photos. I hope you are feeling great.

  8. Gorgeous color!!! Looks like you all had an amazing day.

  9. You did get some beautiful pictures. I came over to see how you're doing w/the baby. :) Sending warm/happy thoughts over!

  10. Thank you for taking us on this wonderful tour with you. We still have tons of snow but it is beginning to melt. It makes me feel warmer just looking at all the beautiful colors in your lovely photos.
    A Big Mini Hug

  11. I visited Longwood many years ago - in June - and always wanted to return. It's a fabulous place, full of beauty! How good a time you ust have had with your friends, absorbing all that loveliness!


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